Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine was formed in 1989 to advance the health of workers (and anyone exposed to unhealthy environments) through patient care, research, and education of medical professionals. Patient services are offered in Farmington and at the Storrs Center Medical Offices in Storrs, and include management of workplace injuries, surveillance exams, and fitness for duty evaluations. Because of the training and diversification of the division’s staff, incorporating not just specialized physicians but experts in industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and environmental air quality, it can offer very sophisticated evaluations of complex cases in addition to more routine workplace injuries.

The division administers health services for UConn Health employees and students. Services include pre-placement physical exams, assurance of proper immunization and other protection from job-related hazards, and management of illnesses and injuries related to work or school. UConn Health’s Employee Assistance Program is housed organizationally within the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

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