General Internal Medicine

The Division of General Internal Medicine specializes in health services research in both the inpatient (hospitalist) and outpatient (primary care) setting (Drs. Rebecca Andrews, Steven Angus, and Shiromini Herath) with funding from Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and UConn John Dempsey Hospital.

The division has a long history of mentoring scholarship within medical students and residents. We, along with our residents and medical students, are prolific contributors to local and regional scientific meetings including the American College of Physicians and the Society of General Internal Medicine. Additionally, case reports and more substantial investigator-initiated research have been published. The Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation (CIPCI) is a collaborative enterprise between Saint Francis Care and the UConn School of Medicine (Dr. Andrews). CIPCI is committed to transformation that is palpable and sustainable: transformation that works. With this basic tenet, CIPCI’s mission is to deliver practical value for patients, providers, and payers throughout Connecticut, thereby retaining and training our primary care workforce. CIPCI accomplishes this through providing innovative educational forums, assessment of clinical settings, mentoring, assisting in workflow transformation, and understanding policy all to facilitate effective change.