Fellow Well-Being

Fellow Get Together

Our Preventive Cardiology Program at Hartford Hospital and the University of Connecticut strongly believes that well-being is a cornerstone to medical training. Our program is committed to create and foster activities that promote the development of well-rounded physicians.

Our fellows are encouraged to participate on social gatherings organized by our general cardiology fellows. They receive a monthly letter with local activities in the area, as well as, group activities organized by the general fellowship. This facilitates work interactions during nuclear cardiology and preventive cardiology rotations, helps the fellow learn hospital logistics, and promotes camaraderie and potential fellow-to-fellow mentorship interactions. This also affords the time to bond together with other fellows to best support each other at work and outside work.

The fellows learn about the well-being resources available at UConn during their initial orientation.

Additionally, each fellow benefits from mentorship from the preventive and nuclear cardiology faculty who are dedicated to their success at work and in their career goals. There are also opportunities to meet other faculty members outside the preventive cardiology fellowship to allow the trainee to progress through their training and refine their future interests.

Well-Being: There is a fellow who is designated the “social chair” and helps schedule well-being events throughout the year for Preventive Cardiology fellows to relax and let loose outside of work. Events in the past have included: apple picking, skiing, hockey games, mini-golfing, dinners/happy hour and more. There are funds dedicated to use for fellows well-being.

Counseling and Mental Health: The Capital Area Health Consortium provides free confidential counseling to all residents and fellows.

UConn School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education is committed to supporting the well-being of all our residents and fellows during their training program. For a full list of resources offered through UConn Health, the Capital Area Health Consortium and the broader community, please visit the Graduate Medical Education Office Well-Being website.


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