Notary Publics

Always call first to see if the notary public is available to sign your documents.

UConn Health, Farmington Campus

Christine Bennett
Office of Health Affairs
Phone: 860‐679‐6545
Room: H7024

Terri Carrier
Phone: 860‐679‐4733
Room: L4111 (Connecticut Tower, 4th Floor)

Lindsey Ferraria
Phone: 860‐679‐8025
Room: L2014 (Connecticut Tower, 2nd Floor)

Nella Field
Phone: 860‐679‐6297
Room: L2014 (Connecticut Tower, 2nd Floor)

Kerri Goodwin
Office of Health Affairs
Phone: 860‐679‐5229
Room: AG087 (Connecticut Tower, Academic Side)

Jill Layton
Clinical Operations Administration
Phone: 860‐679‐2133
Room: LM050 (Connecticut Tower)

Jean Menze
Pulmonary Medicine
Phone: 860‐679‐3585
Room: L3104 (Connecticut Tower, 3rd Floor)

Christine Robertson
Phone: 860‐679‐2853
Room: S7313 (Outpatient Pavilion)

Laurie Sprague
Emergency Medicine
Phone: 860‐679‐4988
Room: LG065 (Connecticut Tower, Ground Floor)

Martha Wilkie
GME Office
Phone: 860‐679‐4458
Room: LM068 (Connecticut Tower, Main Floor, Near Food Court)

Jane Wright
Phone: 860‐679‐3600
Room: TM551 (University Tower, Main Floor)

Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Kathleen McNamara
Phone: 860‐545‐9986
Room: 4th Floor, 4H

Hartford Hospital

Mary Alphonso
Department of Medicine
Phone: 860‐972‐5769

Luz Torres
Health Information Management
Phone: 860‐972‐2471
Room: HB139
Hours: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Ala Ballester‐Sanchez
Women’s Health Clinic
Phone: 860‐972‐3182

The Hospital of Central Connecticut

Concierge in the Lobby
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Asylum Hill Clinic

Stephanie Phillips
Family Medicine
99 Woodland Street, Hartford
Phone: 860‐714‐4577

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Joyce Altermatt
Department of Surgery
Phone: 860‐714‐4548

Georgia Camilleri
Risk Management
Phone: 860‐714‐5044

Kris Cosker
Department of OBGYN
Phone: 860‐714‐5170