Notary Publics

Always call first to see if the notary public is available to sign your documents.

UConn Health, Farmington Campus

Please call ahead to ensure the Notary Public is available to assist with UConn Health matters. Any personal matters that need notarization during business hours are at the discretion of the Notary Public.

Ellie Atkins
School of Dental Medicine
Phone: 860-679-2207
Room: C1293
Academic Entrance

Anthony Barresi
Academic & Fiscal Administrative Manager
Phone: 860-679-3959
Room: ASB, 2nd Floor

Megan Bartos
Emergency Medicine
Phone: 860-679-1620

Lindsey Ferraria
Phone: 860‐679‐8025
Room: L2104 (Connecticut Tower, 2nd Floor)

Nella Field
Phone: 860‐679‐6297
Room: L2104 (Connecticut Tower, 2nd Floor)
(usually here on Wednesdays)

Lori Gizzi
Office of the General Counsel
Phone: 860-679-2235
Room: AG093 (Academic Side)

Christine Judd
School of Dental Medicine
Phone: 860-679-3357
Room: LM030

Krystyna Lipinski
Office of Accreditation & Regulatory Affairs
Phone: 860-679-7646
Room: LM050

Jean Menze
Phone: 860-679-3585
Room: L3104

Tim Misterka
Munson Road 2nd Floor
Room: P2027F

Becky Perelli
Phone: 860-679-3441
Room: L2104

Christine Robertson
Phone: 860‐679‐2853
Room: S7313 (Outpatient Pavilion)

Laurie Sprague
Phone: 860-679-4988
Room: LG065

Bethany Steinway
GME Office
Phone: 860-679-4272
Room: LM068 (Connecticut Tower, Main Floor, Near Food Court)

Kimberly Sutton
Risk Management
Phone: 860-679-2687
Room: AG093 (Academic Side)

Martha Wilkie
GME Office
Phone: 860‐679‐4458
Room: LM068 (Connecticut Tower, Main Floor, Near Food Court)

Jane Wright
Phone: 860‐679‐3600
Room: TM551 (University Tower, Main Floor)

If no one is available; notary publics can be found at most town halls, libraries, banks, and law firms.

Connecticut Children's

Kathleen McNamara
Phone: 860‐545‐9986
Room: 4th Floor, 4H

Hartford Hospital

Mary Alphonso
Department of Medicine
Phone: 860‐972‐5769

Luz Torres
Health Information Management
Phone: 860‐972‐2471
Room: HB139
Hours: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Ala Ballester‐Sanchez
Women’s Health Clinic
Phone: 860‐972‐3182

The Hospital of Central Connecticut

Concierge in the Lobby
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Asylum Hill Clinic

Stephanie Phillips
Family Medicine
99 Woodland Street, Hartford
Phone: 860‐714‐4577

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Joyce Altermatt
Department of Surgery
Phone: 860‐714‐4548

Georgia Camilleri
Risk Management
Phone: 860‐714‐5044

Kris Cosker
Department of OB/GYN
Phone: 860‐714‐5170