What is REDCap?

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. While REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data, it is specifically geared to support online or offline data capture for research studies and operations. The REDCap Consortium, a vast support network of collaborators, is composed of thousands of active institutional partners in over one hundred countries who utilize and support REDCap in various ways.


Key Features

  • Easy-to-build projects without advanced programming knowledge.
  • Smart forms with auto-validation and branching/skip logic.
  • Extensive question types including: matrix questions, rating scales, textboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs, and file uploads.
  • Rapid design and deployment (in less than one day) for live data collection.
  • Multiple collection modes: online data collection in the field (via the web) or onsite.
  • Anonymous or identified survey responses.
  • Ability to save forms as PDF files that can be printed for paper-based data collection.
  • Automated data exports to common data analysis tools, such as Excel, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and R.
  • Ability to reuse forms for multiple study events or waves.
  • Project calendaring for managing data collection events and study visits.
  • Ad hoc reporting.
  • Convenient web authentication using the UConn Health’s domain account system.
  • High security and access to data over an encrypted web connection.


How Researchers use REDCap

  • Administering simple recruitment surveys
  • Collecting data for clinical trials
  • Supporting operational activities such as class registration or evaluation
  • Tracking adverse events
  • Creating longitudinal studies with automatic follow-up surveys
  • Administrating multi-site studies
  • Eliminating double data entry


REDCap Data Collection Modes

  • REDCap Survey is similar to Survey Monkey, but more robust. It allows you to collect responses directly from research participants.
  • REDCap Case Report Form creates an electronic database, which allows you to enter information through direct transcription or by uploading existing data files.

Your project can include both.


Security & Human Subjects Research Data

All data stored on our servers at UConn Health are protected by multiple firewalls. Remote access from outside UConn Health is provided securely over an encrypted web connection. In addition, the software allows you to identify and protect fields that contain Protected Health Information (PHI) data by employing fine-grained user rights that are set by the study administrator to control who can view, modify, or add data and/or forms. All activities are also system logged, and are available in a full audit trail. We encourage research PIs to collect the least amount of PII (personal identifiable information) or PHI (personal health information) as possible. Recommended reading before collecting Protected Health Information (PHI): A beginner’s guide to avoiding Protected Health Information (PHI) issues in clinical research – With how-to’s in REDCap Data Management Software


REDCap employs a streamlined process enabling you to rapidly develop a project:

  1. REGISTER by emailing us at redcap@uchc.edu and we will send you a unique link to our online registration application. Once we receive your completed application, we will create your account.
  2. LEARN more about REDCap by watching a brief summary video (4 min). All project team members who will access and work in the UConn Health REDCap system must complete the Introductory Overviews and Basic Features & Functionality REDCap video training modules (approx. 1 hour) prior to using REDCap. PIs or designated Project Administrators who are accessing and working in UConn Health REDCap must also complete those and the Project Types module (approx. 20 min). These are the minimum requirements for training. All users are encouraged to view additional REDCap training videos as needed.
  3. DEFINE your data variables and relevant properties.
  4. CREATE your REDCap database online as you go or upload a Microsoft Excel .csv spreadsheet to render your database in the Development/Test (Sandbox) system.
  5. PREVIEWyour database, add study staff and access rights, and test the functionality.
  6. REVISEyour project instruments or survey by making necessary changes and re-test.
  7. DEPLOYyour project from development to the production environment and start collecting your data.


UConn Health REDCap User Agreement

REDCap Updated Pricing Structure ’19-’20 Announcement

New Version 7.4.16 – New Features

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REDCap Support Hours:

Mon.-Fri., 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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For any other questions or to request access to REDCap, email redcap@uchc.edu.