Core Laboratory

The CRC Core Lab offers investigators access to reliable and validated assays of biological macromolecules. The lab focuses on measurements not typically available in the hospital’s clinical or reference laboratories. Investigators are encouraged to contact the Core Lab staff to discuss specialized assay needs.


  • The Core Lab office and sample analysis areas (L1098 and L1100) are located on the first floor of the L-building near the main bank of elevators.
  • The Sample Processing Lab is located in the CRC clinic space, CM219.


  • Sample processing: preparation and shipping of research samples
  • Performance of radioimmunoassays and enzyme-linked immunoassays
  • Performance of multiplex bead assays using the Luminex 200 instrumentation
  • Isolation of DNA and RNA from blood and tissue samples
  • SNP genotyping using Taqman PCR methods
  • RT-PCR analysis of specific mRNAs using quantitative TaqMan PCR methods
  • Storage of specimens in alarmed -80 freezers (limited availability)



Jonathan Covault, MD, Ph.D.
Core Lab Director
Phone: 860.679.7560

Nathaniel Huff, BS
Clinical Research Assistant 1
Phone: 860.679.5104

Judy Kalinowski, BS
Research Associate 2
Phone: 860.679.3681

Jordan Wolf, BS
Research Assistant 2
Phone: 860.679.3681