Administrative Core

The CRC Administrative Core offers services to principal investigators (PIs) with CRC studies and to research subjects participating in those studies.

Principal Investigators (PIs)

The Administrative Core is available to assist PIs with the application process for CRC resources, schedule project initiation meetings, monitor resource usage, and maintain essential administrative records for the study and the institution.

PIs who are preparing a grant application (for internal or external funding) and who plan to apply for CRC resources may request a letter of support from the Program Director to include with the grant application. The letter of support describes the resources available to approved protocols. To request a letter of support, please contact Ms. Lisa Godin.

Research Participants

The Administrative Core is available to answer questions about available studies, direct interested volunteers to study coordinators, and schedule appointments. The Core also provides administrative support to the CRC Research Subject Advocate.


  • The Clinical Research Center is located on the main floor. From the main entrance, take the first hallway on left—along the front of the building—to the first waiting room, CM100.


  • Pricing of services
  • Ancillary services bills processing
  • Subject payment processing
  • Meal passes processing


Pamela Fall, MS
Administrative Program Director
Phone: 860.679.3681

Shawn Brown
Clinic Office Assistant
Phone: 860.679.3666

Lisa Godin
Administrative Program Coordinator
Phone: 860.679.4145

Kathy Lapierre
Research Records Clerk
Phone: 860.679.1138