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    High Tech TBL: Histology Lab (B16/B17)

    In  our continuing effort to enhance student learning, two existing classrooms (B16 and B17) have been re-designed and fitted with cutting-edge technology to meet the requirements of the School of Medicine’s new innovative curriculum called MDELTA. MDELTA (Making a Difference in Education, Learning, and Teaching Across the Curriculum) centers on team-based learning (TBL) and student collaborations. Each classroom is comprised of eight (8) student stations and an instructor station. The student station can accommodate up to four students with spare seats to allow for future class size growth. The classrooms have these capabilities:

    A key requirement of the design is using appropriate technology that is easy to use. This requirement is achieved by encapsulating the technology complex inside the podium and accessing the system features through an intuitive and easy to use interface.