You may have hard people complain about pain that starts in their hip and runs down their leg, sometimes to their feet. This condition is called sciatica. The sciatic nerve starts in your lower back then splits to run through your hips, buttocks, legs and feet on both sides. The pain can be a mild ache or sharp.


As described above, sciatica causes a pain that goes from the lower back and buttock down the leg. Sometimes it feels like hip pain. In severe cases, it can make walking difficult.


Lying down or changing positions can help alleviate the pain. Over-the-counter pain medicines can help but should only be used as a short-term solution.

Ask your doctor about exercise and stretches for pain relief. You may think the best thing to do is rest and relax the nerve but it is actually more important to keep moving. This will help reduce inflammation and pain. If your pain persists, your doctor may give you injections to reduce the inflammation. Surgery may be required if the pain last for several months.