Postdoctoral Seminar Series 2022-2023

Postdoctoral Seminar Series

Date Presenter Title
October 26 Lourah Kelly Co-occurring Substance Use and Suicidality – The Need for Accessible Integrated Interventions for Emerging Adults
January 25 Puja Kumari Host innate immune responses during bacterial infection and sepsis
February 22 Roberto Vazquez Munoz Reducing the severity of oropharyngeal candidiasis by inducing changes in the oral microbiome composition
March 29 Chengliang Wang Host-pathogen tug-of-war via pyroptosis
April 26
May 31 Pengyu Zong TRPM2-NMDAR coupling as a novel therapeutic target for ischemic stroke
June 28 Sama Abdulmalik Electrical and Chemical Stimulation Using Ionically Conductive Polymeric Implants for Wound Healing  

Center for Molecular Oncology Conference Room, EM029, 4 p.m.

Directions to EM029 from Jax.