Fees for Mouse Genomic Modification Projects

Fee Schedules Are Valid until June 30, 2024

The prices described below are for UConn users, and do not include per diem or colony management charges. External academic users are charged a 60% surcharge.

Genomic Modification by CRISPR/Cas9 Mediated Editing of Mouse Embryos

C57BL/6J Microinjection, per session $3,638.25*
Donor Vector $3,685.88
Preparation of CRISPR reagents $3,966.02
CRISPR genotyping, per session $1,819.13
Prices vary depending on complexity of project.

For insertion of large DNA fragment, contact for pricing.

Transgenic Microinjection/Gene Targeting by ES Cells

Non-Targeted DNA Pronuclear Microinjection
 C57BL/6J Microinjection, per session $3,638.25
Please contact us for microinjection prices of other strains
Conditional Knock-out/Knock-in ES Cells
Construct “Targeting Vector” $7,881.11
ES Stem Cell Targeting, per session $2,778.30
ES Stem Cell Screening, per session $1,027.40
Verify Stem Cell Clones After Expansion, per session $693.42
Embryonic Stem Cell<–>Embryo Aggregation, per session $3,141.22
Germline Testing, per session $2,315.25
*Prices vary depending on complexity of project.