Fees for Other Services

Fee Schedules Are Valid until June 30, 2021

Note: These prices do not include per diem or colony management charges.

Tasks UConn Health Users External Academic Users
Embryo Cryopreservation $48 per female plus cost of donors $77 per female plus cost of donors
Rederivation $133 hormones/harvesting for rederivation

$342 for transfer plus cost of donors

$213 hormones/harvesting for rederivation

$547 for transfer plus cost of donors

IVF: B6 $1,476 $2,362
Importing Lines by Embryo Transfer $342 per recipient $547 per recipient
PCR Genotyping (includes DNA extraction) $17  per sample for one gene $27 per sample for one gene
Cryo Storage $75 per line per year $120 per line per year
Technician Time $100 per hour $160 per hour
Colony Management $1.22 per cage per day (per diem  included) $1.68 per cage per day (per diem included)