Payment Policy

Payment Policy for UConn Users

  1. We will make sure the responsible PI understands the payment policy and agrees to the quote before beginning a project. For UConn Health investigators, we will get FOAPAL and billing information from the PI at the time of the quote agreement. For UConn Storrs investigators, we will get a P.O. at the time of the quote agreement.
  2. The Center for Mouse Genome Modification (CMGM) will invoice you for the preparation and testing of CRISPR/Cas9 reagents including donor DNA at the time of the first session of microinjections (typically 1 month into the project).a
  3. Approximately 2 to 3 months after that, CMGM should have the initial genotyping results and will send you an update on the project. We will invoice you for the microinjections when we identify positive F0 miceb. If no F0 mice are identified after genotyping 50 pups, we will invoice you for half the cost of the microinjection to cover part of our expenses. At that point, we will discuss the status of the project with you, and you will have the option to terminate the project at no additional cost. If a PI decides to terminate a project after microinjections have started, but before 50 pups are genotyped, the PI will be invoiced for half the cost of the microinjection.
  4. We will invoice you for the genotyping for the project after F1 mice are identified.


aProjects for which any of the reagents are not prepared or purchased by the CMGM will be accepted on a case-by-case basis only.

bAnimal housing will be paid by the investigator after F0 pups are weaned. For UConn Storrs investigators, this will be a flat fee of $2,500. For UConn Health investigators, you will be charged by the Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) for all cage per diems after F0 pups are weaned.




Payment Policy for Non UConn Users

  1. At the time of the quote agreement, we will need a purchase order for the total cost of the project, specifying payment option 1 or 2 as described below.

2. The client may choose to pay 50% of the total project balance up front and pay the remaining 50% upon project completion (option 1), or the client may choose to pay 100% of the balance at the time of project commencement (option 2). For option 1, the client will make a payment on the remaining balance within 30 days of receiving the invoice.