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The Center for Mouse Genome Modification (CMGM) at UConn Health provides design and generation of genetically modified mice and other services.

CMGM Mice on Lead Story of UConn Today

Bone-forming cells inside a living bone from a newborn mouse
Bone-forming cells inside a living bone from a newborn mouse. In a recently published study in eLife, Leia Shuhaibar and others at UConn Health showed that these cells produce less cyclic GMP under conditions that resemble those in people with achondroplasia (dwarfism). Understanding how cyclic GMP production is regulated could contribute to improved therapies for achondroplasia. Read full story.


CRISPR Mice Now Available

CRISPR diagramWe have successfully used CRISPR to generate KO, KI (insertions of DNA fragments up to 9kb), point mutations, precision deletions (removal of specific introns), and other novel mouse strains. See our publications for examples. We deliver positive F1 mice to ensure successful germline transmission and deliver simple PCR genotyping assay. Contact us to discuss the creation of your new CRISPR today!