Counseling Services

Free Confidential Consultation and Counseling

Services are available at no cost to Capital Area Health Consortium medical residents and fellows employed by the CAHC for this service and no need to notify your program director, the Consortium, or Anthem Blue Cross. To verify employment, please bring a current pay stub to each appointment.

Call the UConn Employee Assistance Program at 860-679-2877 or choose from one of the following counseling services:

Mary Ayre, M.D.
682 Prospect Street
Hartford, CT
Phone: 860-233-1141

Angela A. Cappiello, M.D.
49 Welles Street, Suite 216
Glastonbury, CT
Phone: 860-430-1997

Eric Chamberlin, M.D.
49 Welles Street
Suite 202

Alfred Herzog, M.D.
200 Retreat Avenue
Hartford, CT
Phone: 860-545-7877

Debra Johnson, APRN
35 Tower Lane – Suite 102

Lisabeth Johnston, APRN
361 Park Road
West Hartford, CT
Phone: 860-523-1101

Please call Michelle Nielson or Michael Tran at 860-676-1110 with any questions.