Public Issues Council

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Duties: The Public Issues Council champions scholarly activities in public health, preventive medicine and health education. It identifies critical health and disease issues for the region and state, prioritizes them and focuses broad faculty effort to improve both health care delivery and health education on these issues. It makes recommendations regarding priorities for the use of available resources, and seeks to increase community resources through legislative and private educational efforts. Its concerns span a variety of settings, such as affiliated hospitals, physicians’ offices, community health centers, and schools, and include our educational partners in the community and across the state.

Authority: The Public Issues Council advises other councils and the dean regarding the leadership role of the School of Medicine faculty in regional, statewide, and public health and health education missions.

All terms are three years unless elected to fill a vacated seat.


Thomas Agresta, '26
Anton Alerte, ex officio
Carolyn Alessi, '25
Jenna Bartley (Chair) , '26
Audrey Chapman, 26
Michael Grey, '25
Kristin Guertin, '26
Jaclyn Jaeger, '24
Adam Perrin, '24
Deb Polun, '25
Linda Shapiro, '24
Andrea Shields, '25
Jody Terranova, '26
Kristyn Zajac, '24

Linda Barry, ex officio


Meeting Schedule

All meetings are on the fourth Monday of every month from 4 to 5 p.m. virtually.