Faculty Spotlight

Each faculty we spotlight has been selected from recent nominations we received from our department chairs, center directors, and educational leadership.


Kiki Nissen, M.D.

Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education

Spring 2019 Series

Joy Liang, M.D.

Joy Liang, M.D., assistant professor of surgery, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight for “Clinical and Education Excellence.” Dr. Liang is a busy general surgeon who also makes time to improve learning experiences for her students.

Ephraim Trakhtenberg, Ph.D.

Ephraim Trakhtenberg, Ph.D., assistant professor of neuroscience, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight for his “Research Excellence.” Trakhtenberg was awarded an NIH grant for his novel research approach to restoring vision loss.

Jody Terranova, D.O.

Jody Terranova, D.O., assistant professor of pediatrics, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight for “Educational Innovation.” Dr. Terranova has creatively bridged student and resident education as they train across five area hospitals.