Faculty Spotlight

Each faculty we spotlight has been selected from recent nominations we received from our department chairs, center directors, and educational leadership.


Kiki Nissen, M.D.

Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education

Spring 2024 Series

Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

Zita Lazzarini, associate professor of public health sciences, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight by Associate Dean of the Graduate School Barbara Kream. Lazzarini played a major role in developing the Graduate Certificate of Social Determinants of Health and Disparities - a required part of the medical school's curriculum.

Karina Berg, M.D.

Karina Berg, associate professor of medicine, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight by Dr. George Kuchel, director of the UConn Center on Aging. Berg's passion for patients with dementia and their caregivers helped UConn obtain federal funding for a dementia care coordination and caregiver support project.

Blanka Rogina, Ph.D.

Blanka Rogina, professor of genetics and genome sciences, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight by department chair Brenton Graveley. Rogina's research cited in a major publication demonstrates that longevity benefits from a low-calorie diet can be reaped even later in life.

Rosa Guzzo, Ph.D.

Rosa Guzzo, assistant professor of neuroscience, was nominated for Faculty Spotlight by Ernesto Canalis, director of the Center for Skeletal Research. Guzzo was selected to serve on the membership engagement committee in the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.