Clinical Council

Dr. Omar Ibrahim looking over a low dose CT scan

Duties: The Clinical Council is responsible for policies, strategic planning, and management of the clinical activities of the School of Medicine and its faculty. These responsibilities include the faculty practice, which exists to support the vision of the School of Medicine, including its educational, clinical and research missions. The Clinical Council is also responsible for the clinical components of our strategic plans, and all other clinical business affairs. Examples would be contracted services provided elsewhere by faculty members who are paid by the practice, and the development of contracts with clinicians not on salary with the faculty practice to provide services directly for the School of Medicine.

Authority: The Clinical Council manages the faculty practice. The development of any major new policies or strategic plans, or major modifications to the existing structure or academic function of the faculty practice requires review and approval by the Dean’s Council.

All terms are three years unless elected to fill a vacated seat.

Robert Fuller '25
George Kuchel, '26
Denis Lafreniere, ex officio (Chair)
Susan Levine, 24
Pooja Luthra, '24
Isaac Moss, '26
Sandra Scippa, '25
Richard Simon, ex officio
Jeff Geoghegan, ex officio


Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5 to 6:30 p.m. virtually.

Semiannual Reports

2007 to 2008 Annual Report