Senior Appointments and Promotions Committee

Dr. Doug Oliver talking to students after a lecture

Primary Members

Molly Brewer, '23
Patrick Coll, '22
Ann Cowan, '22
Emily Germain-Lee, '23
Golda Ginsburg, '24
Laura Haynes, '23
Bruce Mayer, '22
Peter Setlow, '22 (Vice Chair)
Howard Tennen, '23 (Chair)
Andrew Winokur, '24 (Vice Chair)
William Zempsky, '24

Secondary Members

Biree Andemariam, '24
Lance Bauer, '22
Richard Fortinsky, '22
Robert Fuller, '22
Arthur Gunzl, '22
Stephen King, '22
Eric Levine, '23
Christopher Heinen, '24
Blanka Rogina, '24
Annabelle Rodriguez Oquendo, '22
Melinda Sanders, '24
Linda Shapiro, '23
David Steffens, '22
Qian Wu, '22

Contact Information

Howard Tennen, Ph.D.
Chair, SAPC

Peter Setlow, Ph.D.
Vice Chair, SAPC

Andrew Winokur, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Chair, SAPC

Donna Patterson
Program Manager

SAPC Liaisons:
Dudley Watkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Leslie Wolfson, M.D.