Group photo of Dermatology providers, some sitting and others standing

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Jane Grant-Kels, M.D.

Our entire faculty is dedicated to the education of the next generation of physicians and, in particular, dermatologists. This labor of love is the gift that keeps on giving to us individually and to society. For the faculty, it is very labor intense, requiring lots of lecture preparation, patience, and towers of paperwork and bureaucracy to deal with. But none of us would have it any other way. Why? Although the reasons are countless and many are intangible, I will share the top ten reasons our faculty have dedicated themselves to academics and teaching:

1. The residents and medical students make us better. By asking us questions we stay abreast of the pathogenesis and therapy of the various diseases we treat.

2. We can never rest on our laurels. Every day we need to prove ourselves as teachers and dedicated clinicians.

3. They make us better role models. We can never become sloppy in our style or quality of medical care we deliver.

4. They keep us young. Surrounding ourselves with young, fertile, inquisitive minds keeps us on our toes.

5. They ask questions that often stimulate excellent and thought provoking research projects.

6. They have young eyes and, on occasion, will see something we may have overlooked.

7. They have a unique, fresh perspective on our patients and on diseases they are learning about. We often learn from them!

8. They are fun to be around because of their enthusiasm, and they make every day an enjoyable and exciting adventure for the entire staff.

9. Their enthusiasm for dermatology is contagious and reminds us daily why we chose this profession.

10. They will continue to care for patients long after we have stopped. And this is the ultimate gift to society that keeps on giving!

Next time a resident comes in the exam room before the attending, please welcome them as your future caregiver. They are the best and brightest of our society and have worked extremely hard to be standing there trying to give you the best care possible. Their only motivation is to help you and to learn.