Urban Service Track/AHEC Scholars Interprofessional Summit

The Urban Service Track/AHEC Scholars Interest Groups (IG’s), are student-centered and student-led inter professional learning communities that provide scholars with the opportunity to learn with and from each other while exploring patient population issues and topics. Each IG is supported by second-year co-leaders, a senior student coach, and an alumni partner (licensed professional). The eight IGs focus on the following populations: Adolescents, Behavioral Health, Geriatrics, Healthcare Advocacy and Policy, Public Health, Social Justice, and Women’s Health.

Throughout the academic year, students discuss their respective populations utilizing content experts/speakers, scholarship, clinical cases, community service, and advocacy & legislation. In addition, each IG is encouraged to seek service and grant opportunities to serve this community. Each learning community is tasked with developing a poster with an oral presentation, and a demonstration activity to be presented at the culminating IG Summit.

To learn more about the upcoming 3rd Annual Interest Group Summit, being held April 22, 2023, click here: A Symposium to Address Healthcare Providers' Responsibility in Public Health.

To view materials from previous Interest Group Summits, please visit:

April 23, 2022UST/AHEC Scholars Interprofessional Summit: a symposium to assess and address health equity in communities of color

Inaugural Interest Group Summit, April 10, 2021: UST/AHEC Scholars Interprofessional Summit: a forum for advocacy & understanding of patient populations



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