Scholar Resources

As healthcare professionals in training, Urban Health/AHEC Scholars are encouraged to utilize a variety of resources to expand their “toolkit” as collaborative members of the larger healthcare team. We invite learners to utilize the on-line modules created by CT AHEC faculty, scholars and partners. The modules are designed to augment the didactic and clinical training provided through UST/AHEC Scholar learning retreats and clinical and community-based training experiences. As part of the on-line modules, CT AHEC personnel will provide learners with “live” links to resources and evaluations.

Introducing Interprofessionality in Healthcare Training and Practice

Utilizing the competency-based framework created by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IEC), this module provides learners with a cutting edge approach to understanding interprofessionality and interprofessional education to promote effective team-based practice in today’s healthcare arena.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Today’s public health and healthcare professionals recognize that an individual’s zip code often has greater impact on overall health than one’s genetic code. This module looks at the issues and opportunities to assess and address the barriers individuals and communities face in striving to achieve better health outcomes as well as tools for the healthcare team.

Striving for Cultural Competency for Health Professions Students

Cultural humility and competency are core competencies for today’s successful healthcare professional. This module frames the issue of cultural competency – the vocabulary, behaviors and individualized journey one takes in striving for increased skill.

Addressing Burnout in Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia

Caregivers are critical partners in the delivery of support and care to patients struggling with acute and chronic health issues. This module provides a framework for better understanding the role and contributions of caregivers in light of today’s changing demographics. Learners will be able to identify the issues and challenges of caregiver burnout as well as assessment tools and resources.

Health Care Delivery for Vulnerable Populations

Community-based training of health profession and pre-professional students is central to the AHEC mission. CT AHEC supports student-run free clinics serving multiple patient populations and communities. This video provides important information on how to provide care to individuals who are homeless or displaced as well as migrant and seasonal farm workers.