Continuing Medical Education and Continued Education

Continuing Education

The CT AHEC Program is a joint sponsor of continuing medical education activities in conjunction with the UConn School of Medicine. As a joint sponsor, CT AHEC must adhere to the policies and procedures outlined by the Department of Continuing Medical Education. In addition to chronic disease management, CT AHEC focus areas include: behavioral health integration; team-based care; practice transformation; cultural competency; addressing social determinants of health and current/emerging health issues. CME programs sponsored by CT AHEC include “live” and on-line programs.

CT AHEC continuing medical education and continued education programs are provided by the Program Office and our regional centers in collaboration with a wide variety of internal and external partners. Interested agencies and partners are invited to learn more about the programs and opportunities to collaborate with CT AHEC to address continuing education needs of public health and health professionals by contacting the Program Office at UConn Health.