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    High Tech TBL: Virtual Anatomy Lab (VAL)

    AITS recently finished a complete renovation of the Virtual Anatomy Lab. The VAL now has 16 workstations, a dedicated instructor station and new, powered, height-adjustable tables to add flexibility for multiple instructional layouts. Features of the new technology includes:

    • 16 Student workstations with new PCs with 4k video output.
    •  Matrix-style Audio Video switching capable of displaying any wired or wireless device in the room to any and all displays.
    •  New instructor lectern with 85” 4K display, 4k PC and inputs for various laptop connections
    •  Wireless capability to connect any mobile phone, tablet or laptop to any and all displays in the room
    •  Additional HDMI inputs to connect Anatomage tables with ability send table video to any and all room displays
    •  Fully integrated sound system with multiple microphones and 12 speakers spread throughout the room
    •  HD camera integrated into the instructor PC for full web/video conferencing capability.


    All the new technology is now located in the Extron Panel on the new instructor’s podium and by the main room monitors. The Extron controls all input sources (podium PC, laptop auxiliaries, and AirShare), Kaltura Lecture Capture and video conferencing.

    Enjoy the pictures below.