Award Announcements

Dr. Jennifer Cavallari received an award from UConn Health’s CICATS Core Interest Group for the project “Collaboration for Occupational Health and Safety”.

Dr. Alicia Dugan received $50,000 from the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative to study breast cancer survivors’ return to work experiences (award is from Sept 2016- Aug 2017). She will conduct a participatory action research project to study factors that enable a successful return to work for breast cancer survivors. The proposed study will follow the Healthy Workplace Participatory (HWP) Program, developed by CPH-NEW investigators to research and develop interventions for breast cancer survivors. She will gather comprehensive information from survivors, managers, clinicians, to assess return to work experiences, work-related quality of life, cancer management behaviors, work-health conflict, and individual and organizational support. The information collected in this study will provide a needs assessment of breast cancer survivors, allow testing of research hypotheses, and be used to inform the development of future interventions. This research project will contribute a basis of evidence for identifying the individual- and organizational- supportive factors that improve return to work experiences among breast cancer survivors.

Dr. Dugan also was awarded a grant from CPH-NEW to study “Development and Implementation of a Healthy Sleep Intervention for Correctional Supervisors Using Participatory Action Research”.

Paula Schenck, M.P.H. was the recipient of an award from Connecticut DPH to continue work on assisting with work-related injury and illness case management by providing staff consultation on the clinical manifestations of exposure to workplace health and safety hazards. She also received a sub-award from the University of Connecticut Avery Point to work on a project they received an award from the CT State Department on Housing.

The Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW) under the co-directorship Dr. Laura Punnett (UMass Lowell) and Dr. Cherniack has received a 5 year renewal from NIOSH. CPH-NEW is one of 6 NIOSH funded Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health. The overall goal of CPH-NEW is to improve worker health through a highly participatory process involving front-line employees and top-down organizational support, and to study and disseminate information on such participatory models. The Center will concentrate on healthcare workers and correctional officers. Team members on this grant include DOEM faculty, Drs. Cavallari, Dugan, DOEM research staff, Dr. Dussetschleger, Graduate Student Sara Namazi and faculty from UConn Storrs and UConn Hartford.


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