CCAM Tutorials

Tutorial Description Last Updated
CAM VPN Install Pulse Secure client and connect to CAM VPN for Windows and Mac 03/2022
Connect to a Virtual Machine Use Remote Desktop to connect to a CAM Virtual Machine for Windows and Mac 04/2022
Geneious Prime (Windows) Download, install and license Geneious Prime for Windows 03/2022
Geneious Prime (Mac OS) Download, install and license Geneious Prime for Mac 03/2022
Mapping a Network Resource Map a connection to a network resource for Windows and Mac 03/2022


Computational Biology Core (CBC) Tutorials

Tutorial Description
Xanadu Cluster (SLURM) Understanding the UConn Health Cluster (Xanadu)
Array Job Submission Instructions on how to submit an array job on Xanadu
Resources Allocation in SLURM Requesting resource allocation
SLURM Feature Constraints How to request node features by using Slurm constraints
Data Transfer Using GLOBUS How to transfer data using GLOBUS
CBC Full Tutorial List Other tutorials on computer cluster, UNIX and R, package installations, file formats, data transfer, RNA-Seq guides, structural annotation, genome assembly, variant detection and analysis packages.