High Performance Cluster Computing

Access to parallel computing clusters designed to speed up calculation intensive operations.

  • High performance compute cluster resources (parallel computing)
  • High throughput compute cluster resources (embarrassingly parallel computing)
  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server resources (with GPGPU capabilities)

Dedicated purpose built Physical and Virtual Machines

Self-supported, physical or virtual machine instances made available to run your applications.

  • Physical or virtual machine instances made available to run your applications with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012R2, CentOS x64 or Ubuntu x64
  • Virtual Windows Desktop, VPC access
  • Custom Virtual Desktop PC' configurations

Data and Archive Storage

Access to over 2 PB of storage resources for collaboration, backup and archival operations.

  • S3 bucket Cloud Storage similar to resources offered by Amazon and Dropbox
  • CIFS and NFS Shares available to UConn Health and UConn accounts via the BioscienceCT Gateway

Application Support

  • Application support using both cluster and virtual machine resources provided through our partner, the Computational Biology Core.
  • For a list of currently supported applications, please see their website: Software.
  • For additional support, please join the official CBC Slack channel:

Contact Us for additional information or to request account access