The HPC facility is a core research facility at UConn Health housed in a dedicated, state-of-the-art datacenter located in the Cell and Genome Sciences Building at 400 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT. The facility employs satellite locations at 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT and 196 Auditorium Road, Storrs CT for backup, redundant services, and disaster recovery. Physical and environmental conditions are monitored 24/7/365 at all locations. NSF CC-NIE grant funding has allowed for upgrades to the HPC datacenter, including redundant, high-performance firewalls, a dedicated 100 GbE connection to Internet2, and a Science DMZ for large-scale collaborations and Big Data support. The HPC facility provides compute and storage support, as well as specialized enterprise computing services to the UConn research community at large.

Since 2017, the HPC facility has shared a common private cloud data storage system with the HPC facility hosted by the University Information Technology Services at the main UConn campus in Storrs. This geo-spread storage system which has been recently upgraded spans four independent data centers providing fault tolerant long term and archival repositories. In addition, UConn has made a strategic decision to invest in HPC with major hardware refreshes ongoing with an emphasis on supporting compute-intensive work at Storrs and data-intensive work at Farmington. Users from all campuses have access to both facilities and the total resources available across campuses comprise 15+ PB of storage and 10,000+ compute cores. The itemized list below refers only to the UConn Health facility at the Farmington campus.

Additionally, unique to the HPC facility in Farmington is the availability of a dedicated research computing environment that is compliant for work with protected health information (PHI) data. This includes redundant virtualization hosts and secure storage co-located in the HIPAA-certified and audited hospital datacenter with logged access and video surveillance at 263 Farmington Ave. All resources are on a separate network connected with dedicated fiber links directly to HPC facility firewalls located at the 400 Farmington data center. Capabilities include custom configuration of per-project subnets, VLANs, security groups, firewall rules, logging, implementation of required data retention and destruction policies, and securing a HIPAA binder recorded and maintained by the IT Security department.


High Performance Cluster Computing

Access to parallel computing clusters designed to speed up calculation intensive operations.

  • High performance compute cluster resources (parallel computing)
  • High throughput compute cluster resources (embarrassingly parallel computing)
  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server resources (with GPGPU capabilities)


Dedicated purpose built Physical and Virtual Machines

Self-supported, physical or virtual machine instances made available to run your applications.

  • Physical or virtual machine instances made available to run your applications with Windows 10, Windows 2012R2, Windows 2016, or Ubuntu x64


Data and Archive Storage

Access to over 14 PB of storage resources for collaboration, backup and archival operations.

  • 4 Data Center GEOSpread S3 bucket Cloud Storage designed for long term archives
  • CIFS and NFS Shares available to UConn Health and UConn accounts via the BioscienceCT Gateway


Application Support

  • Application support using both cluster and virtual machine resources provided through our partner, the Computational Biology Core.
  • For a list of currently supported applications, please see their website: Software.
  • For additional support, please join the official CBC Slack channel:

Contact Us for additional information or to request account access