Xanadu High-Performance Compute Clusters

2168 CPU Cores with 11 TB of RAM capable of processing at 50 TFLOPs and comprised of the following hardware:

  • 10 Dell R730 nodes with two, 18-core Intel Xeon E5-2697v4 processors, 256 GB RAM and 10 gigabit interfaces
  • 19 Dell C6145 nodes with four, 12-core AMD Opteron processors, 256 GB RAM and 10 gigabit interfaces
  • 15 Dell C6145 nodes with four 8-core AMD Opteron processors and 256 GB RAM and 10 gigabit interfaces
  • 2688 NVIDIA Tesla M2075 GPU cores
  • Job Management provided by Slurm Workload Manager and provisioning provided by Bright

Virtualization Infrastructure

  • 20 Dell Poweredge hosts with 1368 CPU and 20,160 GPU cores and 7 TB RAM running VMWare 6.7 hosting 300+ Windows and Linux virtual machines and Horizon desktop virtualization with SSD high OPS performance cache tier

Datacenter Infrastructure

  • UPS generator backed power with redundant cooling
  • 3×40 Gbe dark fiber connection to off-site DR location

Network (100+ Gbe)

  • Full non-oversubscribed 10/40 GbE datacenter network core layer
  • BioScienceCT Research Network – 100 GbE to CEN, Internet2, Storrs
  • New HPC Science DMZ – low latency, 80 Gb-capable firewall


  • 8.0+ PB of storage including 2.3 PB EMC Isilon, 2.2 PB Qumulo QC24/QC208 scale-out clusters along with 3.8 PB Amplidata, Geo-Spread cloud storage

Computational Biology Core

  • CBC provides computational power and technical support to UConn researchers and affiliates.
  • Please visit the CBC website for more information: Computational Biology Core.
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