Beneath the Masks: Men, Masculinities, & COVID-19 Disparities

Join APA Division 51 President and UConn Health Disparities Institute Director, Dr. Wizdom Powell along with Dr. Brian Smedley, PhD of APA, Dr. Joel Wong, PhD, of Indiana University, Dr. Ron Levant, EdD, of APA Division 51 & Dr. Derrick Griffith, of Vanderbilt University. Death rates due to COVID-19 are highest among men across the U.S. There are sub-populations at great risk for COVID-19 disparities with higher impacts of racial/ethnic communities of color. If findings were rooted in biology, we would see across all racial/ethnic groups. Roles played by masculinities and psych0social factors, shared cultural expectations or standards of how men should be, we recognize that many of the expectations are socially constructed and operate in tandem with biological factors of potential disparate outcomes for men and boys. These conversations will center on reimagining masculinities, transforming systems, & advancing health equity.

APA Division 51 will 3 webinars on Men and Masculinities and COVID-19