BMOC Webinar 2019

CT Report Card on Health Equity among Boys and Men of Color Webinar


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About this Webinar

Boys and men of Color (BMoC) have considerable untapped potential for contributing to Connecticu'ts economic growth, vitality, competiveness, and social innovation. Unleashing the full potential of Connecticut's BMoC requires movement to advance health equity.

BMOC Experience poor health outcomes and shorter lifespans due to large measure to ocial and economic drivers of health (such as our physical environments, lack of access to healthy foods, unaffordable insurance, and daily enviornmental stressors). extesnive resaerch has shown that many conditions leading to premature mortality are preventable and amenable to treatment upon early detection.

The purpose of the reprot card is to:

1. Raise awareness and signal a call-to-action for the collection of disaggregated data, especially among medically and systemically undesrved population groups.

2. Stimulate policy action, transparency, resaerch, interventions, and public awareness.

3. Promote multisector collaboration on statewide initiatives designed to advance health equity for boys and men of color in Connecticut

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