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Radical Healing

BREATH, EYES, MEMORY: Transforming Health Systems and Advancing Public Health Policies for Radical Healing

Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) is excavating and exposing bones buried in basements of America’s health systems and public health infrastructures. Radical healing is the antidote to racial injustice. It is the medicine that promotes wellness in the face of identity-based “wounds.” These wounds include those sustained by racist policies and practices, including exclusion from citizenship and the polity, extreme violence by those paid to serve and protect, and provision of substandard medical care.

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Advancing Health Equity and Promoting Racial Justice During COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been anything but business as usual. Our team at UConn HDI has gone to extraordinary lengths to serve our institution and our communities during these times of grieving, pain, loss, and uncertainty.
The COVID-19 response activities we enacted and collaborated with stakeholders build on our strategic approaches and goal to advance health equity and reduce health disparities in the state of CT.
In the following report, we outline our COVID-19 response activities guided by our four strategic approaches to eliminating health disparities and advancing health equity:
• Support policy action and systems change.
• Change data-driven and public narratives about vulnerable populations.
• Deepen community engagement and cultivate cross-sector collaborations.
• Enhance health equity research, training, and innovation.

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HDI Annual Report 2020

UConn Health Disparities Institute Annual Report 2020

Over the past year, UConn Health Disparities Institute(HDI), our institution, and our nation at large have seen many changes, some of which none of us could have imagined a year ago. In the midst of dual pandemicsnovel COVID-2019 and pre-existing structural racismHDIs mission and legislative mandate to eliminate health disparities and advance health equity have been elevated to a national agenda. The essential nature of our work and service to the state is clear, now more than ever, and we are proud to serve. We highlight below key accomplishments from the past year, July2019June2020

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