Does your research, practice, or policy initiative include spatial mapping evidence? 

What Can You Do With PolicyMap?

  • Access multiple data points not listed in the widget
  • Upload project data
  • Customize maps
  • Access existing reports from PolicyMap, including trends, up-to-date demographic and economic information
  • Layer one to three datasets or fields to create a detailed view or 'hot-spots'

Integrate PolicyMap in Decision Making

Explore PolicyMap! Click on the picture or access the widget to addressing COVID-19 and health indicators including health locations, healthcare costs, insurance costs, health conditions, housing and quality of life across CT cities and towns.

PolicyMap allows integration of customized data collection and upload related to geographic locations of communities, the states, and our nation including demographics, incomes and spending, housing, lending, quality of life, economy, education, health and more. We believe that collaborating and partnering on geospatial data in our communities can aid in “reconnecting marginalized residents to the community and to the economy” and in recognizing, retaining, and expanding core community assets. With the purchase of an annual membership, you get access to all of the data PolicyMap has to offer, including:

  • Chronic Health Conditions by town-level
  • School performance test scores school-by-school
  • Low access food areas
  • Medical care costs

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