BMOC Report Card Dashboard

The CT Dashboard on Health Equity among Boys and Men of Color (BMoC) is a resource organized by nine multi-sector indicators around health and well-being. Within each domain are downloadable, high-resolution info-graphics compiled from multiple public health sources. Further description for each indicator, methodology, and recommendations are described in the 2018 CT Report Card on Health Equity among Boys and Men of Color.

CT Report Card on Health Equity among Boys and men of Color

Boys and men of color (BMoC) have considerable untapped potential for contributing to Connecticut’s economic growth, vitality, competitiveness, and social innovations. Unleashing the full potential of Connecticut’s BMoC requires a focus on advancing health equity. Like its U.S. counterparts, BMoC in Connecticut has some of the most disparate health outcomes as a result of broad, social factors.  The production of this report card furthers the achievement of our legislative mandate to reduce health disparities among CT’s medically underserved populations. This report card is designed to serve as a resource for policy decision-makers, program evaluators, researchers, funders, service providers, and community members. Download the Full Report and learn more in our webinar.

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