Selective Projects

Student Selective Projects

The students selective is part of Phase 3 of the University of Connecticut medical school curriculum completed in the fourth year. Students work with an advisor to develop and carry out a project of particular interest. Some students choose to create some sort of a multimedia portion of their project of which CEC staff is available to assist with.


To Find Student Selective Projects Posted Prior to 2010, Click Projects Prior to 2010.



Title Student Name Advisor Year
A Computer Based Learning Module for General Psychiatry Michael Colon, MSIV Catherine Lewis, MD 2013
A Computer Based Tutorial on Substance Abuse John Mahler, MSIV Catherine Lewis, MD 2014
An Interactive Tutorial on Medically Induced Depression Gregory Barron, MS 4 Catherine Lewis, MD 2016
Assessment of Attitudes Toward Global Health Among UConn Medical Students Latoya Codougan, MS4 Kevin Dieckhaus, MD 2015
A Student’s Guide to Rheumatologic Disease & Joint Exams Vikram Shenoy, MS 4 Dr. John Waterman 2014
Case-Base Evaluation Modules in Pediatric Emergency Medicine-
Identification and Management of Concussion in Pediatric Populations
Brian Martineau, MS 4 Thomas Regan, MD 2015
COPD Tutorial – MAX Medicine Jenna Koliani MSIV Ellen O. Nestler, MD 2012
CT EMS Scope of Practice Tutorial Brian Marcks, MS 2013 Dr. Kamin 2013
Developing a Novel Histology Resource for the Evolving UConn Health Curriculum Robin Moiseff, MS 4 Dr. John Harrison 2016
Developmental Milestones: A Video Tutorial Margaret Kloby, MS IV Dr. Fred Bogin 2010
Diabetes Mellitus Tutorial Ela Banerjee, MS 4 Dr. Faryal Mizra 2016
Echocardiography: An Introduction to Reading Echocardiograms and
Commonly Encountered Pediatric Cardiac Anomalies
Molly Naples, MSIV Dr. Dan Henry 2012
Effectiveness of Web Modules for Learning Medical Spanish Aaron Lee, MS 4 Dr. Kenia Mansilla-Rivera 2015
The Efficacy of Online Learning in US Medical Students Si Hyung (David) Woo, MSIV Dr. Thomas Regan 2013
End of Life Planning: Information and Resources to Help Patients Die Well Diane Smith, MS 4 Edmund Kim, MD 2015
Examining the “Flipped Classroom” in the Clerkship Setting Gregory Siegel, MS4 Dr. Thomas Regan 2015
Herbal and dietary supplement use for cardiovascular health in
the primary care setting: An evidence-based, simulated patient
encounter online learning module
Virginia Cody Mary Guerrera, MD 2012
How To Triage A Patient in Labor Briana Jackson and Rachel Billstrom Dr. Walter Trymbulak 2012
Interactive Neuropsychiatric Computer Based Module to Better Understand Vascular Brain Injury Aubri Gillespie, MS 4 Advisor: Catherine Lewis, MD 2014
Involuntary Commitment Tutorial Kaitlin Sanzone, MSIV Advisor: Catherine Lewis, MD 2013
Lactation Education in the Third Year of Medical School Sarah Elliott, MSIV Dr. Christopher Morosky 2014
Leukemia and Lymphoma Tutorial Sean O’Rourke, MS4 Dr. Karen Hook 2015
Online Vaccine Tutorial for Medical Students Deidre Lewis, MS4 Dr. Anton Alerte 2015
Radiology Abdominal Anatomy Tutorial Jenaya Goldwag, MS4 Dr. John Harrison, Dr. Electra Kaloudis 2016