Blackboard Learning System Guides

Course Content and Communication

Create a Test
Learn how to use the Test Manager to create a new test.

Uploading Test Questions
Use the "Upload Questions" tool to create a multi-question test from a single text file.

Measuring Student Performance
Make assignments, use the discussion board, and administer tests and surveys.

Create a Discussion Forum
Follow the steps to create a forum for online discussion about course topics.

Create Discussion Board Threads and Reading Posts
Add discussion threads and messages to your discussion forums.

Reply to a Forum Thread
Reply to a discussion forum thread.

Collaboration and Communication
Encourage course participants to interact online by communicating and building communites of learners.

Keeping Students Informed
Manage announcements, "What's New" headlines, Blackboard messages, email, calendar items, and tasks.

Course Content
Learn how to create folders and items.

Organizing Your Course
Learn how to make changes to your syllabus, course menu, and folders.

Presenting Content to Students
Control the flow of material to your students through learning units and adaptive release of content. Connect materials via course links and tool links.

Importing a Website into Blackboard
Upload a web page into your Blackboard course.

Universal Design and Accessibility
Ensure that your courses and communities serve all learners, regardless of age, ability, or situation.

Reusing and Reorganizing Courses
Learn how to archive material, export course content, and copy and recycle a course.

Administrative Tasks

Making a Course Available
Change whether a course is available or unavailable to students.

Understanding User Roles
Learn the five types of users that can be enrolled in a course.

Enrolling Users
Learn how to add or remove users from your course.

Giving Guest Access
Enable guests to view your course content.

Accessing a Course as a Guest
Learn how to log in as a guest and retrieve course material to which you have access.

Configure Your Browser
Make sure that your web browser is set so that you can view Blackboard properly.

Viewing Rosters
View a list of the students enrolled in your course or organization.

Add Questionmark Assessment to Blackboard
Schedule a Questionmark assessment in your course or organization.