Blackboard Content System Guides

Adding a File
Learn how to upload a file to the Content System.

Adding a Link
Link an item from the Content System to your course in the Learning System.

Creating and Using Metadata
Ensure that users can search for and find content you've added to the content system by adding descriptive information called metadata.

Using the Search Tools
Learn how to conduct basic and advanced searches for items within the Content System.

Adding Bookmarks
Add a link, or "bookmark," to an item or folder in the Content System.

Copying a Content Item or Folder to Another Area
Copy content from one location to another within the Content System.

Managing Passes
Learn how to create, share, and remove passes so that users outside of Blackboard may gain limited access to items in the Content System.

Managing Permissions for an Item
Set user access to an item via the Manage Permissions page.