Visiting Professor Title – Process

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Appointment at Senior Rank: Details Regarding Contingency, Process, and Time Frames

A new faculty appointment at senior rank at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine (UCSOM) is contingent upon the approval by the Senior Appointments and Promotions Committee (SAPC), the dean, the provost, and the UConn Health Board of Directors.

If the full approval process has been completed prior to the start date, then the designated senior rank will apply from the outset. In the event, however, that the approval process has not been completed prior to the start date, then the following policy with regard to rank will apply.

For faculty whose prior rank at another institution has been that of Assistant Professor, the rank of Assistant Professor shall be used at UCSOM until the approval process is completed by the SAPC, the dean, the provost and the Board of Directors.

For faculty who have previously achieved senior rank (Associate Professor or Professor) at their prior institution, the title of “Visiting Associate Professor” or “Visiting Professor” (whichever level has been achieved) may be used.

In all cases – whether incoming rank is Assistant Professor or the “Visiting” title is used – all materials required for nomination for appointment at senior rank must be submitted to the SAPC either prior to, or within 60 days of that individual’s actual start date. If not, then the rank and title used will be “Assistant Professor” – regardless of whether the faculty member previously held senior rank – and the initial appointment will remain at this rank until such time as the individual is approved for promotion, on the normal academic schedule.

Thus, it is essential that the department chair and the faculty member wishing to be appointed at senior rank coordinate effectively to collect and submit the nomination packet expeditiously.