Standards of Care

The following Standards of Care have been developed and approved by the School of Dental Medicine’s Clinical Affairs Committee. The standards serve as guidelines upon which the School of Dental Medicine provides dental care to its patients and are measured throughout the School’s Quality Measurements and Improvement process.

  1. Each patient will be informed of the Patient Bill of Rights.
  2. Patients will be treated in a safe environment.
  3. Patients seeking comprehensive care will be provided with a comprehensive examination and individualized risk assessment.
  4. A proposed dental treatment plan and associated financial plan will be reviewed and approved by the patient.
  5. A medical and dental history will be obtained as part of the initial evaluation of each patient.
  6. Informed consent will be obtained from the patient prior to the initiation of care.
  7. An entry in the electronic health record will be completed for each visit.
  8. Treatment will be rendered in a logical and orderly fashion.
  9. Care will be delivered in a timely manner.
  10. Patients will be offered continued oral health services following completion of active care.
  11. Patients will have access to emergency care.
  12. Patients will be satisfied with the care that they receive.
  13. Patient information will be maintained in an appropriate manner to maintain confidentiality.