How To Guides

How To Guides

How To Guides are setup to help students with common computing questions.

Lecture speed control in Firefox
How To
Windows Uniprint printing
Uniprint FAQs

Installation & Removal
Windows Installation
Windows Removal
Mac OS X Installation

Double-Sided Printing

Windows Printing
Multiple pages per sheet

Print as black and white
Multiple slides per sheet

Slow Printing
PDF – Use print button (Windows)
PowerPoint – Print as black & white
Print Driver – Switch drivers

Accessing Other UConn Software

  • This allows you to access the virtual computer lab at Storrs.



  • SAS University Edition is available for faculty and students for academic courses only.


Software Licensing Group


  • Software Licensing Options
  • This allows you to download and install some software applications on your personal computer for free


  • Please be sure to read the licensing terms carefully. Some applications on the list are available to install on UConn-owned computers only.