UConn Health’s location provides students with the opportunity to live in a number of diverse settings.

Choose Your Environment

Convenience: Located right across the street from UConn Health are a number of condominiums and apartments that are mainly occupied by medical, dental, and graduate students. Not only is the location convenient, but due to the clustering of medical students, it is easy to form study groups. Further, this set up promotes a social environment, which helps to balance the rigors of studying.

Suburban: For those students who want to live in a suburban setting, there are a number of houses, apartments, and condominiums in the surrounding towns of Farmington, New Britain, and West Hartford. All of these locations are a short drive to both UConn Health as well as the hospitals that third and fourth year students rotate through.

Urban: If an urban setting is more for you, the city of Hartford provides this opportunity. Further, two of the major clinical rotation sites, Saint Francis Hospital and Hartford Hospital, are located in Hartford, making this a great place to live during the clinical years.

Find the Perfect Place

A housing website has been created where UConn students can list and search for available housing opportunities. Usually, an ample number of places are available on this site at the beginning of each academic year.

Please Note: The listing of rental units on this site is simply provided as a convenience to University of Connecticut students, faculty and staff. The owners of the rental properties listed are solely responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately. The University and Off Campus Partners (OCP) do not review or verify such information for fairness or accuracy, and the University and OCP cannot and do not guarantee or vouch for the fairness or accuracy of the information provided. The inclusion of any property or rental unit on this website does not constitute and shall not be construed or reported as 1) an endorsement or approval by the University or OCP of the landlord, its properties or business practices, or 2) any warranty or representation by the University or OCP as to the suitability, cleanliness, safety or other attributes of the rental properties, including but not limited to the properties' compliance with building, safety or fire codes, nor any representation as to the owners or their management agents. The University and OCP expressly disclaim any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise with regard to such rental units and with regard to disputes between landlords and tenants concerning such properties or rental units. All prospective tenants are encouraged to exercise their own good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords.

Other housing websites:

Realtor.com is a great resource for those interested in buying a house or condominium.

ApartmentList.com is an easy-to-use site for finding an apartment.

Apartments.com is a good site for those looking to rent.

Join the Medical and Dental Student Housing Google Group

A Google group is available for the purpose of advertising available housing in the area. It also functions as a means to assist those looking for apartment rentals, condo sales, and roommates.

This site is offered to current students who are looking to fill vacant roommate spots and to others with available housing opportunities. Please use this site to post any current and future available housing options. One must join the Group in order to post.

Once the property has been rented or the vacancy filled it is poster's responsibility to remove it from the message board. The student affairs office is not responsible for old or outdated postings.

Join the Google Group


Additional Housing Resource:

Access to the University wide Off-Campus Housing Website can be found here: https://offcampushousing.uconn.edu

Rentals in the area of UConn Health can be found by using the "Campus or Neighborhood" drop down menu.