Medical Dental Student Government

Medical Dental Student Government (MDSG) represents the medical and dental students of the UConn Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine. MDSG plans activities to help ease the stress of classes, distributes funding to student groups, and advocates for the student body to the academic leaders of both schools. Questions about Student Government may be directed to or any current officer.

Please review the Constitution of the Medical Dental Student Government which governs its activities.

Tips for Creating a New MDSG Recognized Student Interest Group, Club, or Organization

Interest Groups, Clubs, and Organizations

With a new interest group, club, or organization in mind, recruit a faculty advisor.

Seek approval by presenting the idea to either of the advisors to MDSG, Dr. Sarita Arteaga or Dr. Marilyn Katz, the deans for dental and medical student affairs.

Once approved, notify the current MDSG president and treasurer of the newly approved student group.

Unrecognized groups will not be eligible for MDSG funding.

Submit a paragraph with a description of the interest group to Lisa Francini, Include the faculty advisor and list the student contacts with email addresses for the interest group web page.

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs do not require a faculty advisor, although one can be recruited, but must provide a student contact.

Sports clubs must provide a roster of participants. All participants must complete a UConn Health waiver.

Sports clubs are not required to provide a web page write-up.

Annual Events Calendar

The following are annual events typically sponsored by MDSG:

Orientation and Launch Activities: August 9-25, 2023

Student Run Activities Fair:  August 25, 2023

Formal Dinner and Dance: To be determined for 2024

Gong Show: May, 2024

Pre-Commencement Senior Week: May 2024

Current MDSG Officers

MDSG Officers 2023-2024
President: Mahmoud Almady
Medical Vice President: Ted Oliveira
Dental Vice President: Morgan Lamb
Treasurer: Jaelon Blandburg
Secretary: Sarah Mozdzierz

Dental Class Representatives
2027 Class: TBN
2026 Class: Maxwell Marks
2025 Class: David Cruzate
2024 Class: Alexandra Estanislau

Medical Class Representatives
2027 Class: TBN
2026 Class: Sarah Dickerman
2025 Class: Sarah Hartman
2024 Class: Grace McCann

Social Chairs
2026 Class, Dental: Luis Romero
2026 Class, Medical: Calista Stevens & Aaron Kiel