Commencement Day Directions for Graduates

Monday, May 7, 2018


Prior to Ceremony

All graduates must report to the Harriet Jorgensen Theatre Lobby of the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts at 10:15 a.m. for individual and class photographs. No guests are allowed in this area. The entrance is located on Jorgensen Road. Those riding the shuttle bus from UConn Health will be dropped off at this entrance. Following photographs, students may congregate and enjoy light refreshments prior to the processional lineup at 12:30 p.m. Please note: Class photos will be taken at the following times – 11:15 a.m. M.P.H. and Ph.D. programs, 11:30 a.m. Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine programs.

Personal Items: Due to limited secure storage space at the Jorgensen Center please keep personal items to a minimum. It is recommended to leave items with family members. All personal items must be removed from the building prior to 4 p.m.

Diplomas: Medical and Dental School graduates will receive their official diploma following the actual ceremony. Graduate School students will receive their official diploma by mail. A diploma case will be handed to each graduate on stage. A photo ID must be presented to obtain your diploma from the Registrar. The diploma distribution area will be located in the Student Union Art Gallery, Room #310 following the ceremony. PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED TO RECEIVE DIPLOMA, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The processional begins PROMPTLY at 12:45 p.m.

Processional Order:

  • Dental Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Medical Students
  • Faculty
  • VIPs


1. Attire: Wear gown and cap with tassel on the left, hood is draped over the left arm. Staff members will assist with the proper folding of the hood.

2. Index Card: This is very important. Please obtain an index card at the check-in table in the foyer of the Jorgensen Center. This card will have your name and number on it. It is used to line up everyone in the proper order. On the back of the card, please write your new address as well as your personal email address. This information will be used to send you your photographs. We cannot send them to you without a current mailing address.

3. Lining Up: Students will line up for the processional as instructed by assigned staff members and behind the school marshal. Once again the order is dental students followed by graduate students and in a separate line medical students. You must stay in sequence otherwise you will be seated incorrectly once you reach the student seating area.

4. Marching: Follow the marshals. They are there to direct you to your seats. Please remain standing until all students have marched in.

5. Gifts: A copy of the commencement program bearing your name and a small gift will be on your seat.

6. Distribution of Diplomas: To receive your diploma do as the marshal instructs. Approach the stage, hand your index card to the school marshal who will be the first at the podium. Your name will be read off the card, please proceed to the middle of the stage to be hooded. The chief marshal will then direct you to one of the hooding stations. (If your parent is a UConn Health faculty member, you may request to have him/her hood you. This must be arranged in advance. In that case, please tell the chief marshal that your parent will be hooding you.) If you are directed to the further station, please walk behind the hooders rather than walk in front of them. After hooding you will be greeted by University dignitaries to shake hands and receive a diploma case. Individual diplomas will be distributed from the Registrar following the ceremony.

7. Exiting: Exit the stage using the center stairway and return to your seat.

Recessional Order

  • VIPs
  • Faculty
  • Dental School Graduates
  • Graduate School Graduates
  • Medical School Graduates

After the Ceremony

8. Photographs: Following the recessional there will be time for you to meet up with family members outside the auditorium for photographs.

9. Reception: Reception will immediately follow the ceremony on the third floor of the Student Union in Ballrooms, #330-331 and 304 ABC. If you are making dinner plans for that evening in the Hartford area, it is recommended that you make reservations after 6 p.m.

10. Professional Signature Book: A tradition since 1979, this book, which was the class gift from that year's graduating class, is kept at UConn Health and brought out at the time of commencement to collect and record the signature of each graduate in a meaningful and lasting fashion. Be sure to sign the book with your first real M.D. or D.M.D. signature.

11. Receipt of Official Diploma: Medical and Dental School graduates may obtain their official diploma on the third floor of the Student Union Art Gallery, Room #310 following the ceremony. A photo ID must be presented in order to collect your diploma. Graduate School students will be sent their diplomas directly from the Storrs Graduate office.

12. Returning Caps and Gowns: All caps and gowns must be returned before departing the Storrs campus. The regalia return area will be located in the vicinity of the Student Union Art Gallery, Room #310 on the third floor. Staff members will be available to assist you.