Student Organizations and Interest Groups

Ambroise Pare Society (OMFS Interest Group)

The Ambroise Pare Society provides an opportunity for discussions of current topics in oral and maxillofacial surgery from experts in the field as well as to introduce basic surgical techniques to aspiring oral surgeons. Meetings are held once a month.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Christy Lottinger

Student Contacts:
Ross Camiel,
Rob Morrin,

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry promotes community service activities involving pediatric oral health. The group meets to talk about dentistry topics at lunch and dinner discussion sessions.

UConn Chapter

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Mina Mina

Student Contact:
Leila Fussel,

American College of Physicians (ACP)

ACP’s Mission: To enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.

Core Values: Our core values answer the question: "How do we want to act as we move toward achieving our vision?"

  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility

The American College of Physicians is a national organization of internists – physician specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. ACP is the largest medical-specialty organization and second-largest physician group in the United States.

Membership for medical students is free and offers many valuable benefits and resources, including access to a number of online journals and newsletters (outlining recent medical literature, clinical guidelines, commentaries, and public policy), free admission to regional and national ACP meetings, networking opportunities, as well as national student research competitions. In addition, via the “Medical Student” portal there is much information about career paths, residency programs and a student specific publication called “The Internal Medicine Newsletter for Medical Students (Impact). There is also the opportunity to become involved with our state’s local chapter as a student representative or on the national level as a member of the Council of Student Members.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Ellen Nestler

Student Contacts:
Madeline DeWane,

American Dental Education Association (ADEA)

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is The Voice of Dental Education. Its members include all 76 U.S. and Canadian dental schools, over 800 allied and advanced dental education programs, 66 corporations and more than 20,000 individuals. The mission of ADEA is to lead institutions and individuals in the dental education community to address contemporary issues influencing education, research and the delivery of oral health care for the overall health and safety of the public. ADEA’s activities encompass a wide range of research, advocacy, faculty development, meetings and communications. The UConn Dental ADEA Student Chapter is an organization that seeks to engage students, residents and fellows in the promoting knowledge of and interest in academic careers.  On a local level, our student chapter provides opportunities for students, residents and fellows to participate in curriculum initiatives, to learn with and from faculty about strategies for teaching that best promote effective learning in didactic and clinical settings, and collaborate with faculty and administration on projects that advance the educational activities at UConn Dental. On a national level, our student chapter works to advance ADEA’s mission, strategic directions, key priorities and initiatives, and prepare our students, residents and fellows for local and national leadership positions.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Eric Bernstein

Student Contacts:
Chidi Okafor,
Maciej Kosakowski,
Nick Peracchio,

American Medical Association

AMA Mission: To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.

Core Values: Leadership, Excellence, Integrity, and Ethical Behavior. Like other organizations, the AMA chapter at the UConn School of Medicine creates and sponsors a range of educational, social and community service events. However, unlike other medical student organizations, we are voting members of the strongest medical organization in the country, the American Medical Association.

Our chapter hosts speakers who discuss leadership, professionalism and current topics in medicine. We have a mentoring program that supports both undergraduate students from the Storrs campus, and pairs incoming medical students with second year students. Importantly, the UConn AMA Student Section provides opportunities for leadership to its students through participation in national and regional conferences and professional development. We have significant involvement throughout the state through partnership with the Connecticut State Medical Society, and within our region (Section 7: MA, NY, CT, RI, VT, ME and NH) where UConn students hold leadership positions. Through the AMA Policy subcommittee, our students write and submit policy within the AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) and attend national conferences, where they are able to interact with and influence leaders who create national health policy for the AMA. The AMA-MSS provides democratic voting rights and participation to students at the highest levels of policy making. The MSS is known affectionately as "The Conscience of the AMA,” and medical students from across the country have united to spearhead such successful policy as universal health coverage, smoking prohibition in public spaces, and more. Many of our chapter policies have passed through the AMA-MSS and have been presented to the House of Delegates at national conferences. Sign up today to make a difference as a conscientious student physician locally, regionally and nationally!

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Angela Hart

Student Contacts:
Margaret O’Neill (Co-President, Class of 2021),
Summit Singhaviranon (Co-President, Class of 2021),
Allie Clement (Policy Chair, Class of 2021),

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Mission Statement: The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and health care delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-M.D./D.O. trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.

AMSA's ten committees represent areas the Association feels all medical students should value as vital in becoming a socially responsible physician/healer. They promote these areas of interest and associated projects to AMSA members on national, regional and local levels and are integral in helping AMSA maintain its dynamic view of medicine amidst tremendous and rapid change. They are also a front-line for the association's dedication to redefining the culture and activities of medicine.

The committees are as follows:

  • Grassroots Organizing Team
  • Medical Education Team
  • Health Policy Team
  • Premedical Leadership Team
  • Community and Environmental Health Action Committee
  • Gender and Sexuality Action Committee
  • Global Health Action Committee
    • Medical Professionalism Action Committee
    • Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Health Action Committee
    • Wellness and Student Life Action Committee

Local AMSA events include an annual welcome breakfast during first year orientation, a used book sale fundraiser, a wine and cheese social for students and professors, tabling for National Coming Out Day, Pharm Free campaign awareness lunch time talk, and speaker presentations. The board members meet once every two months to plan upcoming projects and attend a regional convention in the fall and a national convention in the spring. Students may choose to run for a national leadership position and be involved with shaping health care and public health policies.

AMSA Website

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. David Henderson

Student Contact for 2018-2019:
Redwan Bhuiyan,
Tima Karginov,

American Medical Women’s Association

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances.

Membership is open to all those (medical students, graduate students, and undergraduates) who wish to advance women in medicine and promote the health of women and their families.

Membership benefits for medical students include:

  • A national mentoring program with female residents and physicians
  • Networking opportunities at both the annual AMWA meeting and regional conferences
  • A bed and breakfast hosting program for students traveling for residency interviews
  • Discounts on exam prep materials
  • Medical school tuition scholarships

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Lisa Chirch

Student Contact:
Madeline DeWane,

American School for the Deaf Health Education (ASDHE)

American School for the Deaf Health Education is an organization that was founded by Sarah Schlegel, M.D., and Chris Skurkis, M.D., when they were medical students. They discovered that there are many misconceptions regarding medical care and topics among deaf children, due to lack of exposure to information compared to hearing children. ASDHE, therefore, was developed in an effort to dismiss some of those misconceptions and to educate deaf children on various health topics. Medical and Dental students teach classes to children and teenagers at the American School for the Deaf (ASD) throughout the year on numerous health topics. Classes are held in the evenings at ASD in West Hartford, Connecticut. At the beginning of each year, an orientation is held at the American School for the Deaf. A baseline curriculum for each topic is also provided to the medical/dental students beforehand. The students are welcome to tailor the curricula to best fit their teaching styles and objectives. Curriculum support/development is provided by the coordinators throughout the year. Interested students are encouraged to contact one of the coordinators for more information and to learn about teaching opportunities.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Sarah Schlegel,
Dr. Chris Skurkis,

Student Contacts:
Yingying Zhang,

American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

The UConn ASDA is a chapter of the American Student Dental Association at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization which protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry. It represents students with a unified voice and provides information, education, advocacy and services. The association introduces lifelong involvement in organized dentistry, and promotes change for the betterment of the profession.

Community activities include:

  • Hartford Marathon
  • Special Olympics
  • KEEP Associated Oral Health Screenings
  • Give Kids and Smile Day
  • Healthy Smiles Program
  • Supplies Drive to Zimbabwe
  • Wax and Relax and Chill and Drill for Students
  • Vendor Lunch and Learns

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Donna Paolella

Student Contact:
President: Mariamma Chaluparambil,

Anastomoses – UConn Literary Magazine

Anastomoses is the official literary magazine of the UConn School of Medicine and Dental Medicine. Anastomoses publishes works of fiction/non-fiction, poetry, and visual art created by students and faculty. The goals of the magazine are largely to provide an outlet for creative energy in the UConn medical and dental communities as well as to advocate for the strong relationship between the humanities and health care. The magazine presents works in one of the three categories: voices, artwork, and poetry. Submissions need not be related to medicine or dentistry. In addition to the works by students, a section is also published known as “Ask Dr. Henry” in which Dr. Dan Henry has agreed to answer “pressing” questions from students regardless of their relevance. New editions of the magazine are published on-line bi-annually and can be accessed via our website:

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Hugh Blumenfeld

Student Contact:
Antea DeMarsilis,

Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)

Sleep better by taking part! The AIG is where students interested in the specialty of anesthesia come to get an insider view of the going-ons behind the curtain in the OR. Under the advisorship of Dr. Jeffrey Gross, various presentations are given by students as well as by residents/attending physicians that showcase various aspects of anesthesia. Students have the opportunity to mingle with residents and attending physicians to discuss the field in general, residency options, as well as gain added exposure to a field, without which, surgery does not occur! Previous talks in the past few years given by students have included airway and intubation, pain management, regional anesthesia, and history of anesthesia. Hands-on training has included intubation techniques and regional anesthesia ultrasound practice, just to name a few. As well, students get an inside opportunity to ask questions regarding the first-year preceptorship in anesthesia, where students between their first and second year of medical school have the opportunity to rotate for one month in anesthesia at either John Dempsey Hospital, Hartford Hospital, or Saint Francis Hospital.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Jeffrey Gross

Student Contact:
Alice DiFrancesco,

Building Bridges (Prosthodontics Interest Group)

The intent of "Building Bridges" is to increase predoctoral students’ awareness of the specialty of prosthodontics and how it fits into the field of dentistry as a whole through attending/partaking in talks about topics undergoing research, practicing skills needed within the field, and benefiting the community through service.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. John Agar

Student Contact:
Wanjin Kim,
Sharon Vincenty-Flores,

Carabelli Society

Vision Statement: To introduce dental students to the future of dentistry and the dental profession.

Mission: To develop an extracurricular educational program for dental students that will encourage exploration of the interaction between science and clinical dentistry.

Our primary goal is to expand the knowledge and exposure of our members to the advancing field of Oral Health Sciences and, by extension, the ever-changing practice of dentistry. We will utilize all available resources; including current journal articles, faculty, guest speakers, and collaborations with other UConn Health student organizations to achieve this goal. Insights gained from innovative research makes for health professionals prepared for the future of dentistry. Students will be able to establish a network with current health professionals – many, leaders in their respective fields. Students with early exposure to aspects of dentistry beyond the classroom will have a greater appreciation of the field and enhance their ability to critically evaluate literature. Carabelli welcomes all interested students regardless of their post-graduate plans.

Members are expected to do the following at monthly meetings during the academic year:

1. Attend meetings and participate in discussions.
2. Recommend relevant journal articles or topics.
3. Share related experiences, knowledge, or advice.
4. Contribute ideas for discussion topics, club activities, etc.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Aditya Tadinada

Student Contacts:
Triny Gutierrez,
Akbar Khan,
Samuel Roh,

Cardiology Interest Group

The Cardiology Interest Group aims to expose interested UConn School of Medicine students to the many diverse subspecialties in cardiovascular medicine through interactive presentations and speakers. Students can learn about the fields of preventative cardiology, cardiovascular imaging, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, pediatric cardiology, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. We also host events that are useful to any student hoping to become more confident in their cardiovascular knowledge including EKG night and cardiac ultrasound night (a joint event with the Ultrasound Interest Group).

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Sara Tabtabai

Student Contacts:
Rafael Vissepo,
Divya Iyer,

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) Founded in 1931, the Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDA) is a group of almost 10,000 Christian physicians, dentists and medical and dental students committed to living out faith through the health care professions throughout the world. CMDA recognizes the unique pressures that medicine and dentistry bring to families and individuals and offers resources to help meet those pressures. The CMDA is concerned about the ethical challenges brought by modern technology, and seeks to bring a biblical understanding to those challenges. It is dedicated to making the most of the exceptional opportunities for ministry afforded by medicine and dentistry. CMDA has the only extensive ministry of any Christian organization in the nation to medical and dental students, strengthening them during their demanding years of training, and preparing them for future years of practice and service. The UConn CMDA chapter is student-run and works to provide specific opportunities to grow in relationships, in spirituality, through service and missions, and intellectually. The UConn chapter meets on a monthly basis for dinners hosted by different students, residents, and physicians in the area. This is a chance to gather for fun, food, and fellowship, and is always open for anyone to attend. Often different topics for discussion or presentation are part of the evening.

Other events include weekly bible study, prayer group, and community service events every semester.

More information can be found on Facebook and the CMDA website.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Cynthia Price

Student Contacts:
Suleiman Abiola,
Steven Cosgrove,
Trisha Kwarko,

Couples and Conversations Interest Group

“Strengthening the lives and times of UConn husbands and wives”

Mission Statement
“Couples and Conversations” is an interest group dedicated to strengthening and supporting both married and engaged couples in the UConn medical and dental programs. This objective will be accomplished through peer-on-peer support by facilitating times in which couples can get together to strengthen their relationships and have fun.

Activities and Events

  • Monthly social gatherings
  • Bi-yearly panels (3rd and 4th year students provide tips to younger couples)
  • Launch welcoming activities
  • Planned activities
  • Bi-yearly spousal retreats

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Ajay Dhingra

Student Contacts:
President: Steven Cosgrove,, and Fernie Cosgrove
Officer: Aloys Nsereko,, and Ariana Nsereko
Officer: Garrett Fontaine,, and Lexi Fontaine

Facebook Page

Covenant House Medical Clinic in Willimantic

The Covenant House Medical Clinic is an interdisciplinary student-run clinic. This means that nursing, medical, premedical and pharmacy students work together to care for patients under the supervision of the attending physician. It is a great chance for students to practice history taking and physical examination skills while learning from the doctor, the patient, and each other! The patients are of every ethnicity and generally have difficulties accessing healthcare. They tend to be highly appreciative and many have interesting stories. Treatment of acute problems occurs at the clinic and referrals of chronic conditions are sent to Generations, a local health care center.

Volunteers at the clinic are comprised of medical students, nursing and pharmacy students and an attending physician. The clinic is open on the third Friday of each month (some exceptions) for the hours of 5 to 9 and is located on Walnut Street in Willimantic, Connecticut.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Bruce Gould

Student Contacts:
Christopher Hampton,
Mario Felix,

Dental Practice Management Interest Group

A forum for students to discuss how to grow and manage a private dental practice.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Ron Albert

Student Contacts:
To be announced

Dental Student Activities Congress (DSAC)

The mission of the Dental Student Activities Congress (DSAC) is to act as an umbrella organization in order to provide central support to all the dental affiliated groups. Moreover, it is the intention of the Dental Student Activities Congress to raise awareness of the UConn School of Dental Medicine policies of hosting activities and events. The Dental Student Activities Congress will assist in coordinating their efforts to engage in internal activities and volunteer service projects and will familiarize the student body with all dental student activities, including interest group meetings, and volunteer opportunities.


  •  Student activities fair
  • Order supplies for dental student groups and their outreach events
  • Order supplies for dental service trips
  • Honduras (city) service trip

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Sarita Arteaga

Student Contact:
To be announced

Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

The Dermatology Interest Group aims to foster medical student interest in the field of dermatology, promote faculty-student interaction and enhance dermatological skills and education. Approximately 6 to 8 meetings are held each year covering topics from current faculty research, residency application advice, and hands-on suturing workshops. The group also aims for community outreach by hosting two free skin cancer screenings at community events.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Michael Payette

Student Contacts:
Madeline DeWane,
Kristin Torre,
Sarah Mattessich,

Disabilities Interest Group (DIG)

What is the definition of disability? How do we prepare physicians to effectively and compassionately care for patients who have disabilities? What are the current challenges that people with disabilities face in health care and how will physicians tackle these issues? These are fundamental questions that have relevance in all areas of medicine and impact patient care in all settings. UConn School of Medicine's Disabilities Interest Group is a student-run organization that strives to promote disability awareness and education through community engagement, service, and advocacy. We offer a variety of activities, including local volunteering, an elective course on disability, and charitable events that enable students to interact with and learn from people with disabilities, as well as support the disability community. We sincerely hope you will reach out to us and join our interest group in order to have fun, gain new perspectives, and expand your knowledge and competence in treating patients with disabilities.

See our Facebook page.

Faculty Advisors:
The UConn Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
Dr. Mary Beth Bruder
Dr. Craig Schramm

Student Contacts:
Lauren Benedetto,
Sandra Carpenter,
Audrey DeFusco,

Earth Health, Climate, and Sustainability Interest Group

The Earth Health, Climate, and Sustainability student interest group recognizes the responsibility we have as medical and dental health professionals to address the health impacts of environmental damage and fight the progression of climate change. Our group supports the UConn Health community in its quest to minimize our carbon footprint, both on and off campus. We will work to support vulnerable communities affected by climate change and poor environmental health, and fight to make environmental health a topic of concern for health professionals and their patients.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Kirsten Ek

Student Contact:
Kate Topalis,

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

UConn EMIG aims to foster community among all those interested in emergency medicine and to expose medical students to this exciting specialty. We hold monthly meetings throughout the academic year at faculty members' homes. Meetings typically feature dinner with case presentations from senior students and attendings. We also have special sessions focused on away rotations, residency applications, and interviews, along with simulation and skills nights. Every Fall we host a Wilderness Medicine Symposium that attracts medical students from across New England. We also run a mentorship program through which interested students are matched to UConn Emergency Medicine resident mentors.

More information can be found on our website. You can contact us at or reach out to our co-presidents.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Tom Regan

2019-20 MS4 Co-Presidents:
Alex Giuliano,
Kaitlin Lipner,
Sam Southgate,

Endodontics Interest Group

The Endodontics Interest Group’s focus is on all things endodontics. Our goals are to provide any student interested in endodontics with guidance in research, career expectations, new technology and procedures, and preparing for endodontic residency programs. These goals are achieved mainly by guest speakers from UConn's endodontic residency program as well as current endodontic faculty.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Qiang Zhu

Student Contacts:
President: Jess Rudman,
Vice President: Emily Sullivan,
Secretary: Henry Chen,
Treasurer: Joe Barbar,
Shadowing/Mentoring Liaison: Elena Carrington,

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The Family Medicine Interest Group works to increase student awareness of family medicine as a career opportunity, and is open to all students interested in learning more about the specialty. The group hosts monthly to bi-monthly events discussing multiple topics relevant to family medicine and primary care. Meetings can occur on campus during the lunch hour, and more extensive workshops and discussions are hosted in the evening, occasionally at faculty homes.

Past events have included:

  • Introduction to Family Medicine Panel
  • Sports Medicine Casting and Splinting Workshop
  • Dermatology Hands-On Night
  • Global Medicine
  • Psychiatry in Primary Care
  • Medical Marijuana Panel

The FMIG leadership board meets every one to two months to discuss programming and develop new ideas. FMIG leaders, as well as all other students, are encouraged to attend regional and national conferences to increase their exposure to family medicine opportunities. FMIG is currently working to develop local community service efforts in conjunction with existing service projects at UConn. The FMIG is part of a national network of similar groups supported by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

More information can be found on the virtual AAFP website.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Adam Perrin

Student Contact:

Carolyn Tusa
Laura Hatchman

Farming Collaborative

The UConn Health Farming Collaborative has partnered with the Copper Beech Institute in Farmington to start a therapeutic garden on the institute’s property. Only two minutes from UConn Health, this garden will serve all UConn students who would like to unwind by helping with gardening or just enjoying some time outside on the institute’s lovely property. All the produce from the farm will be donated and the educational events related to the club will focus on food security.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Mary Guerrera

Student Contacts:
To be announced

Gaming the Boards

Gaming the Boards provides exciting and delicious study breaks several nights each semester. All board and card game enthusiasts are invited to share their favorite games and depending on each meeting's theme, some games will be provided. Games purchased using MDSG funds will remain in the student lounge for anyone to enjoy during a study break. Everything from Operation and Taboo to Diplomacy and Agricola is fair game. Let the games begin!

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. John Harrison

Student Contacts:
Charlie Tian,
Nick Wasko,

General Dentistry Interest Group (GDIG)

The goal is to promote General/Family Dentistry as a respectable career option and to provide a forum for students interested in a career in general dentistry to connect with each other and the dental community and to explore topics not covered in the dental school curriculum. The primary activity is lunch and dinner meetings to host speakers on various topics of interest to future general dentists. Topics may include:

  • Residencies
  • Joining a practice
  • Practice management
  • Continuing education
  • New technologies in dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Office design

These meetings are not intended to be solely a lecture, but rather a presentation with abundant question and answer interaction. Speakers will be invited from the regional dental community, within the dental school, and from the dental product and equipment industry. The group hopes to host at least one speaker per month.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Sarita Arteaga

Student Contacts:
To be announced

Global Health Interest Group

The global health interest group is made up of students who are interested in learning more about global health and working it into their career. The group focuses on increasing global health involvement at UConn, mentorship for students preparing to go abroad, and hosting student and faculty speakers to present on projects or topics in global health.

More information can be accessed on our Facebook page.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus

Student Contacts:
Lyubina Yankova,
Manon Loonis,

Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

For more information, visit the GSO website.

Hartford Health Education (HHE)

The Hartford Health Education Program is a collaboration between the Hartford School System and the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine. Each year, pairs of students spend one hour a week in Hartford middle schools teaching about topics such as puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition, bullying, and drug abuse. The program is one of the few health education resources available to these children, and depends on the commitment of UConn medical and dental students to teach these once-a-week lessons. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in mentoring, teaching, urban health education, or who just loves working with kids.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Stacey Brown

Student Contact:
Erin Hannon,
Devika Sparks,
Shyam Desai,

Hartford Nutrition Initiative

Hartford Nutrition Initiative will seek to improve nutritional status in Hartford's underserved populations. This will be accomplished by setting two broad agendas: supplementing the nutritional education of UConn medical and dental students to enhance effectiveness of clinical nutrition counseling, and establishing connections throughout the city of Hartford to provide students with venues in which to counsel on nutrition. In this way, Hartford Nutrition Initiative will both improve the clinical effectiveness of UConn students and provide service in the form of nutritional counseling to residents of Hartford.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Bruce Gould

Student Contact:
To be announced

Healthy Smiles: Dental Health Education Program

A community outreach program aimed to teach oral health basics to the children of the Boys and Girls Club in Hartford. Most volunteers will participate in one of the four unique Friday afternoon sessions, in which they will educate the children about important oral health care topics through fun activities and discussion. The four topics include:

  • Going to the Dentist
  • How to Keep Your Teeth Clean
  • What Does the Dentist Do?
  • The Importance of a Mouth Guard

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Taranpreet Chandhoke
Dr. Deborah Redford-Badwal

Student Contacts:
Anthony DeFilippo,
Melissa Merwin,
Lisa Harris,
Alex Carroll,

Immigration Rights Initiative

The UConn Immigration Rights Initiative (UIRI) is a cross campus collaborative effort between UConn Health, UConn School of Medicine, and Physicians for Human Rights to educate the larger community about, advocate for, provide care and support services to immigrants. The overall goal of UIRI is to serve the immigrant population while educating the UConn community about its unique and often unmet needs.

The student-run Asylum Services arm of UIRI is comprised of a diverse and growing team of volunteer clinicians, educators, and professional students committed to advocating for survivors of human rights violations. Our focus is to facilitate collaboration between medical providers and lawyers for the purpose of conducting forensic evaluations and providing written affidavits for victims of persecution, torture, trafficking, and abuse. These medical affidavits will be used to support the victims’ case for asylum or other forms of immigration relief in the United States. By including social workers and collaborating with local non-profits, we hope to coordinate follow-up medical care and integrate existing social services. With direction and guidance from faculty from the UConn School of Medicine, and a Board of Advisers, we are run entirely by medical students, and education is a core component of our mission. In addition to our forensic services, we are planning to host free educational events for the benefit of the entire UConn and greater Hartford communities.

The refugee clinic arm of UIRI is run by our faculty advisor, who is a civil surgeon and is actively engaged in the medical care of refugees, as well as the training of medical students and residents in Immigrant health.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Susan Levine

Student Contacts:
Ana Barros,
Lisa O'Donovan,

Integrative Medicine Interest Group (IM)

Integrative Medicine (IM) is a healing-oriented medicine that seeks to treat the whole person by incorporating both mainstream medical therapies and complementary and alternative therapies for which there is some high-quality evidence of safety and effectiveness. Meetings and events are held throughout the year.The goal of the group is to:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of IM.
  • Offer opportunities to experience relaxation techniques and integrative therapies.
  • Provide students with outside resources to pursue the exploration and utilization of IM.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Mary Guerrera,

Student Contacts:
Christina Farrell,
Rebecca Joseph,

Internal Medicine Interest Group (Scholars in Medicine)

The Internal Medicine Interest Group meets on the second Wednesday of every month at the homes of various faculty members. Students from all years have the chance to socialize with their classmates as well as to meet clinical faculty who they may not have the chance to work with until their third or fourth year. Each meeting focuses on a different specialty within internal medicine (primary care, cardiology, nephrology, etc.), allowing students to learn more about careers within the field. One or more faculty members are invited to share information about their career paths, training, their specialty, and the different ways it can be practiced. Additionally, at each meeting fourth-year medical students intending to pursue Internal Medicine give clinical case presentations focusing on the specialty of the month and highlight the latest news from the clinical literature. Presentations are formatted to engage all levels of students. Fourth-year students also serve as quizmasters for the annual Jeopardy tournament.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Ellen Nestler

Student Contact:
Ardian Latifi,

Interventional Radiology Interest Group

The Interventional Radiology Interest Group is designed to expose medical students to the field of interventional radiology, which uses image-guided, minimally invasive treatments to treat a wide array of conditions in all parts of the body. Interventional radiology is the newest ACGME approved residency, which allows students to gain experience in interventional radiology after completing the fundamental training in diagnostic radiology. This year we plan to host an "Introduction to Interventional Radiology" meeting as well as several presentations from practicing interventional radiologists and a special ultrasound guided biopsy simulation event.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Michael Baldwin
Dr. Charan Singh

Student Contacts:
Sean Cusano,
Matthew Sagnelli,
Ryan Slovak,

Juvenile Detention Center Mentors (JDCM)

We are a group of medical and dental students who mentor the long term male population at the Hartford Juvenile Detention Center every Wednesday night. We cover and review health topics with the young men which they have learned in their health classes. If the young men who we are paired with are struggling in a certain class in school, wish to talk about obtaining an educational degree, or how to plan for a better future, we are also there to guide them. The one-on-one attention that the young men get with the mentors each week allows them to individualize their sessions depending upon their needs. It is a very rewarding opportunity to spend time and aid one of the most at risk, and unfortunately often forgot about, populations in our community. Helping these boys to plan for a brighter future is our main goal while also giving them a fun session to look forwards to each week during their time at the center.

Another way to get involved with this program is to become a program designer. These students are a mixture of medical and dental first and second year students who are in charge of designing the sessions related to the health topics. Some of the health topics which they are in charge of designing sessions for have included: alcohol, drugs, obesity, bullying, concussion, sportsmanship, smoking, among others. They make the sessions fun and interactive, and also educational for the young men at the center.

Faculty Advisor:
Garry Lapidus, P.A.-C., M.P.H.

Lauren Colburn
Lemuel Gordon-Hackshaw
Samantha Hill
Katherine Merrick
Stephanie Patterson
Jessica Weeks

Program Designers:
Kathryn Bentivegna
James Flynn
Caroline Golino
Walter Jongbloed
Taylor Larese
Brian Leland
Nurudeen Osumah
Dipthi Ranganathan
Yara Skaf
Michelle Williamson

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

The purpose of the UConn LMSA is to address the health needs of the Latino community, as well as to promote the interests and support of those students who identify themselves as Latino students of the UConn School of Medicine through social, cultural, educational, political and other activities.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Rocio Chang
Dr. Annabelle Rodriguez-Oquendo

Student Contacts:
Salem Harry,
Christina Valentin,

Medical Dental Student Government (MDSG)

The purpose of this organization is to represent the interest of the combined medical and dental classes in academic, cultural and social spheres.

MDSG Officers 2019-2020:
President: Miriam Sedrak
Medical Vice President: Ghalib Shaikh
Dental Vice President: Robert Violette
Treasurer: Klair Lubonja
Secretary: Sarah Feltz

Dental Class Representatives:
2022 Class: Cameron Christiansen
2021 Class: Shiyuan Mao (MJ)
2020 Class: Zachary Ward
2019 Class: Basem Gayed

Medical Class Representatives:
2022 Class: Carla Rivera Perez
2021 Class: Alexandria Plant
2020 Class: Jorge Ortiz
2019 Class: Emily Wilkins

Social Chairs:
2022 Class, Dental: Kathryn Forth
2022 Class, Medical: Emily Arciero

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC)

Medical Students for Choice is a nationally recognized non-profit network of over 10,000 medical students and residents in the United States and Canada. MSFC is dedicated to ensuring that women receive the full range of reproductive healthcare choices. MSFC recognizes that one of the greatest obstacles to safe and legal abortion is the absence of trained providers. As medical students and residents, we work to make reproductive health care, including abortion, a part of standard medical education and residency training. Examples of past events have included a renowned abortion provider speaking about his experiences, a panel discussion showcasing a whole range of opinions and experiences with reproductive health care, a "contraception night" held in concert with Planned Parenthood, lunch-and-learns about abortion laws, film screenings, and much more. Participation in MSFC also affords students the opportunity to shadow at an abortion clinic and attend the national conference to network with future reproductive health providers from across the country.

More information about the national organization can be found at

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Zita Lazzarini

Student Contacts:
Jenn Lawson,
Jenny Park,

Migrant Farm Worker Clinic

A student run clinic that provides free health care to migrant farm workers throughout the summer and early fall. Each season on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons through the summer and autumn months, a group of medical, dental, physical therapy, nursing, and physician assistant students sets up a mobile clinic at various farm locations around the state. Depending on the size of the farm, supervision is provided by one or more attending physicians. The migrant farm clinics provide a great opportunity to volunteer and learn basic skills while providing health care to the migrant worker population in the state of Connecticut. More information can be found on the Migrant Farm Worker Clinics page.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Bruce Gould

2018 Migrant Farm Worker Medical Clinic:
Ashleigh Stephan,
Suleiman Abiola,
Brian Liang,
Ezigbobiara (Ezii) Umejiego,

2018 Migrant Farm Worker Dental Clinic:
Marina Zoghbi,

National Primary Care Week

National Primary Care Week (NPCW) is a celebration of the contributions of primary care to the health of the nation. NPCW aims to introduce health professions students to the importance of community-responsive primary care, encourage their collaboration as members of future inter-professional health care teams, and to work to improve healthcare access for underserved populations. This national event is sponsored by the Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), as well as the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

To join the cross campus student planning committee, please contact AHEC Program Coordinator, Shannon McClure,

Neurology Interest Group: (SIGN) Student Interest Group in Neurology

The Neurology Interest Group and its meetings are open to students who are curious about the brain and its powerful ability to perform complex tasks ranging from emotional processing to coordinating the synchronized rhythm in which we walk. We welcome anyone with even a small interest in opening up discussions. Each year, our events aim to show what neurology and its subspecialties are about and how to get involved in research, shadowing, and volunteering. We host various physicians who speak about their work, lifestyles, and research. Some past events have included: Neuro Jeopardy for 1st and 2nd year students, Stroke Day, "how to succeed in neurology" panels with advice from fourth years who matched in the field, and a 5K to raise awareness for the CT Brain Tumor Alliance. We are also part of the Student Interest Group in Neurology, which offers numerous research and scholarship opportunities for students interested in the field.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Yvonne Grimm-Jorgensen
Dr. Matthew Tremblay
Dr. Les Wolfson

Student Contacts:
To be announced

Neurosurgery Interest Group

The Neurosurgery Interest Group welcomes those interested in discussing the diseases and illnesses that neurosurgeons treat and the neurosurgical interventions that are currently used and those that may be used in the near future. Monthly meeting topics include traumatic brain injury, stroke, hemorrhage, tumors, cancer, hydrocephalus, increased ICP, movement disorders, epilepsy, cranial malformation and behavioral/psychiatric disorders.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Ketan Bulsara

Student Contacts:
Bryan Ferrigno,
Anzhela Moskalik,

OB/GYN Scholars Interest Group

OB/GYN Scholars is a student organization whose goal is to further students' interest and knowledge in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Meetings are usually at night and include medical students, residents and attending physicians. Proposed meetings for this year include:

  • Hands on nights to practice simulation deliveries, suturing, and laparoscopic procedures
  • Shadowing opportunities
  • Research opportunities
  • A week of events regarding sexual health and women’s health
  • Other case presentations and discussion topics held throughout the year

The meetings are open to anyone who is interested in OB/GYN, might be interested in OB/GYN or just wants to enjoy some interesting discussion.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Christopher Morosky

Student Contacts:
Molly Potter,
Andrew Polio,
Jennifer Park,
Margaret O’Neill,

Oncology Interest Group

Oncology is a rapidly progressing, multi-organ system field with intense and fascinating research. Novel biomedical research methods have paid enormous dividends in terms of deepening our understanding and enhancing treatment options for this often-paradigm-defying condition. However, such breakthroughs have been greatly dependent on the interaction between healthcare professionals of multiple disciplines. The Oncology Interest Group hopes to foster such an open and collaborative environment between prospective doctors, dentists, and researchers by hosting events such as panels, presentations, and fora focusing on oncological practice and research. In doing so, we hope to encourage clinicians and researchers to work together towards a better understanding of cancer mechanisms and improved cancer therapies.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Molly Brewer

Student Contacts:
Redwan Bhuiyan,
Tima Kargino,
Christine Kohn,

Ophthalmology Interest Group

The Ophthalmology Interest Group serves to educate students about the field of ophthalmology through panel discussions, case-based presentations, and experiential hands-on sessions. We provide mentorship about research opportunities and the residency application process. Broadly, we introduce students to the various sub-specialties within ophthalmology, including retina, cornea, uveitis, neuro-ophthalmology, oculoplastics, pediatrics, glaucoma, and more. We highlight ocular pathology associated with common systemic diseases relevant to the non-ophthalmologist, and host practice sessions with the direct ophthalmoscope geared toward all students.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Elizabeth Simmons
Dr. Jeanine Suchecki

Student Contacts:

Fourth Year
Christopher Hampton,
Alexandra Pietraszkiewicz,
Brian Solinsky,
Adanna Udeh,

Third Year
Sonny Caplash,
Nicholas Saba,
Shaan Kamal,
Victoria Stoj,

Second Year
Gwendolyn Schultz,


Orthodontics Interest Group

The Orthodontics Interest Group functions to promote students’ understanding and exposure to the discipline of orthodontics through lecture, research, discussions, and experiential activities within the field. We partner with both the Orthodontic Residency Program, its faculty, and local orthodontists in private practice to bring a multi-dimensional perspective to the specialty.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Eliane Dutra

Student Contacts:
Willan Jumbo,
Candice Logan,
Bailey Proft,

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group

The Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group provides students with an awareness of orthopedics as a career option. It allows students to interact with fellow medical students, residents, and local physicians.

Previous meetings include:

  • Q&A session with current residents
  • Visiting the Bioskills Lab for a hands-on experience
  • Orthopedic Jeopardy with Dr. Craig Rodner
  • Research opportunities
  • Learning how to match
  • Life as an orthopedic surgeon

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Craig Rodner

Student Contacts:
Josh Baldino,
Nick Bellas,
Alyssa DiCosmo,

Otolaryngology Interest Group

The Otolaryngology Interest Group is a student-run group that introduces students to the surgical subspecialty of otolaryngology. Students will learn about different problems that otolaryngologists manage surgically, as well as gain exposure to the physical exam components that are necessary in the field. Live demonstrations will provide students with a first-hand glimpse of techniques used in the inpatient and outpatient settings. This group is a great introduction to the field of otolaryngology, that is otherwise not emphasized in the medical school curriculum. Otolaryngologic problems are encountered in all fields of medicine, and as such, students interested in specialties ranging from primary care to surgery can benefit from learning more about otolaryngology.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Todd Falcone

Student Contacts:
Devika Sparks,
Jerlon Chiu,
Omar Allam,

Pathology Interest Group

The Pathology Interest Group is concerned with promoting awareness and interest of the field of pathology. They meet every month or two to have discussions with leading pathologists in various fields, and to learn what it means to be in their position. Also, they have field trips to the Pathology lab of John Dempsey Hospital to learn about the multitude of machines and personnel involved in creating the samples that are ultimately used by Pathologists for diagnosis. Finally, the group explores various pathological conditions via slide examination, to give examples of what it might be like to be a pathologist. It is a very small group, so there is a lot of student-faculty interaction, and all meetings are very informal and entertaining. Meetings are generally held in the evenings during the week, to avoid conflict with classes. It is their pleasure to provide dinner during these meetings.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Melinda Sanders

Student Contact:
Rory Geyer,

Pediatric Clinic

The School of Medicine Pediatric Clinic is a student run clinic currently located at a shelter in Hartford, My Sister's Place. The clinic operates on a bi-weekly basis and allows students the opportunity to interact with children and local pediatricians in an acute care setting. In addition to our clinics there are educational events for the residents of the shelter, women and their children, which aim to educate families about normal childhood development and how to address common childhood illnesses. Students in all four years of medical school are encouraged to participate. In addition, members are also involved with fund raising and health fairs.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Mark Greenstein

Head Manager:
Madeline Coulter,

Student Coordinator:
Brooke Cunningham,

Pediatric Clinics Education Outreach Program

The Pediatric Clinics Education Outreach Program allows student experiences in a shelter for mothers and children. Part of this includes educational events where students teach about child development and common childhood conditions.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Mark Greenstein

Student Contact:
Richika Makol,

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Volunteer Interest Group

The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Volunteer Interest Group offers students the opportunity to give back to the community by assisting a population that is experiencing hardship and to learn more about the field of pediatric hematology and oncology. Activities include participation in a variety of seminar style events and monthly visits to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Outpatient Unit at Connecticut Children's Medical Center to assist in arts and crafts projects with patients in the waiting room. Activities allow students to experience the clinic and have opportunities for shadowing.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Kerry Moss

Student Contact:
Erin Hannon,

Pediatric Scholars

Pediatric Scholars is both an interest group (discussion) and a scholar’s (research) program. We generally meet on the first, third, (and fifth), Wednesday evening from September through March at the home of a faculty member. Fourth year students usually choose a topic to teach, often in a game show format and guest faculty may help. Attendance is open at all times to all UConn medical students without obligation. You do NOT have to “register” or be here frequently … just show up when you want to and can. We are on Blackboard where there is also a schedule posted. You can sign up each year for the mailing list.

Coordinator/Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Mark Greenstein,



The Peloton’s mission is to use cycling as a means for personal health and for charity. We will conduct weekly rides in the area, open to anyone interested (about 25-30 miles). We also have several members interested in the pan-America charitable trip during the summer. We plan on riding in races like the pan-Mass challenge, in hopes of raising funds for charitable causes.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Perrin

Student Contact:
Brian Leland,

Founding Members:
Zachary Giaccone
Joshua Goodman
Christian Gronbeck
Patrick Lau
Brian Leland
Zachary Punt
John Sullivan

Persian-American Student Association (PSA)

The Persian-American Student Association is a social (non-political) student group which celebrates Persian culture (music, art, literature, etc.). Open to any interested students and faculty members (of all ethnic backgrounds), PSA focuses on having informal gatherings during traditional Persian holidays as well as coordinating social events which revolve around different aspects of Persian traditions.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Reza Kazemi

Student Contact:
To be announced

Physicians for Human Rights/Physicians for Social Responsibility Joint Student Chapter

PHR-PSR is a joint chapter of organizations committed to health, human rights, and activisim outside the clinic. We aim to address issues pertaining to patient health, whether social, environmental, or otherwise, through policy, advocacy, and outreach both at UConn Health and in the community. PHR-PSR encourages medical students not only to recognize the barriers that patients face as they try to achieve wellness, but also to invest in a lifelong commitment aimed at tackling social and human rights issues. Activities include:

  • Establishing an asylum clinic
  • Hosting an annual and wine and cheese fundraiser with funds going toward a cause of the chapter’s choice
  • Attending local and national conferences
  • Engaging in political activism in the Greater Hartford area
  • Participating in training sessions with experts who have successfully incorporated social topics into their medical careers
  • Participating in rallies, benefit concerts, protests, and workshops
  • Incorporating human rights lectures and classes into curriculum.
  • Working together to educate each other on topics of interest, either through group discussions, documentaries, or Topic Days

The group meets two to three times per semester. Announcements about time and place related to meetings are typically made a couple of weeks prior to the meetings.

PHR Website

PSR Website

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Audrey Chapman

Student Contacts:
Anastasia Barros,
Martina Sinopoli,
Kate Topalis,

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group

The purpose of the UConn Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PRIG) is to act as the primary resource for all medical student seeking more information on this dynamic and rapidly changing field. Our goal is to help all students navigate this multifaceted and competitive specialty, from students who are exploring a wide range of specialties to those who already have their sights set on a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency. Accordingly, there is a variety of informational, surgical, and networking events students may attend. PRIG further aims to coordinate and foster connections between established medical professionals and medical students interested in this field. More specifically, students will have the opportunity to interact with surgeons and residents in the field and gain knowledge, mentorship, and research advice.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Jillian Fortier

Student Contacts:
Ian Whittal,
Maria Slater,

Primary Care Progress

UConn Primary Care Progress (PCP) is a local chapter of the national Primary Care Progress organization, bringing together medical students, residents, faculty, and physicians—involved in both primary care and specialties—to improve patient care and outcomes by promoting and revitalizing primary care, fostering innovation and leadership, and refocusing these populations on the common goal of patient care through teamwork, lunch and learns, motivational speakers, leadership opportunities, and direct patient care and outreach in our community.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Bruce Gould

Student Contacts:
Steven Cosgrove,
Antea Demarsilis,
Laura Hatchman,
Akbar Khan,
Adam Mastrocola,
Kathryn Topalis,

Additional Contact:

Psychiatry Interest Group

The UConn Psychiatry Interest Group...also well known as the PIG has an active following of students. The group meets approximately 5 to 6 times per year for dinner gatherings where guest speakers are invited to present about a variety of topics relevant to psychiatry. One goal of the PIG is to try to present psychiatric topics that are relevant to other areas of medicine. The PIG aims to provide information about the diverse options within psychiatry as a specialty, support students interested in pursuing psychiatry, connect students with practicing physicians and residents, and provide information on exciting topics related to psychiatry.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Andrew Winokur
Dr. Catherine Lewis

Student Contacts:
Marc Benoit,
Evins Clauther,
Faith Donaghey,
Camillo Ferrari,
Nia Harris,
Rebecca Kenney,
Brett Lehner,
Andria Matthews,
Sonali Rodrigues,
Carsen Sulzer,

Public Health Student Organization (PHSO)

The Public Health Student Organization (PHSO) was created in 2006 with the mission of strengthening students’ experience in the M.P.H. program through relationship building and networking. By building on that foundation, the current PHSO provides a variety of education and social activities to ensure a meaningful experience for all public health students. PHSO enhances students’ experiences by providing mentors, hosting socials and seminars, fundraising, participating in philanthropic events and organizations, as well as working with program staff to address student needs. Our three core focuses are on education, outreach, and community service all while encompassing public health core values.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. David Gregorio

Contact Information:

Facebook Page:
UConn Public Health Student Organization

Radiology Interest Group

Radiology Interest Group is a group designed for both students interested in pursuing a career in radiology as well as students interested in expanding their radiology knowledge. The group meets in the evenings multiple times over the course of the year. The topics change from year to year and residents and/or attending physicians are asked to speak and answer questions. In the past we have had a residents teach “How to Read a Chest Radiograph,” an overview of the abdomen followed by a live demonstration of an abdominal ultrasound, and a joint medical student/attending presentation on Interventional Radiology. At least one meeting a year is dedicated to helping medical students decide if radiology is a good fit for them and what medical students need to know about applying for a radiology residency. Upcoming topics may include chest imaging, body imaging, nuclear medicine, women's imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, pediatric radiology, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and “What Study to Order When” depending on students interests.

Radiology Website

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Michael Baldwin
Dr. Electra Kaloudis

Student Contact:
Sean Cusano,
Harry Griffin,
Edward Lee,
Ryan Slovak,

Reach Out

Reach Out is a student organization dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) awareness in the UConn medical and dental communities, including outreach to the Hartford area. Reach Out brings students of any gender or sexual identity together through group gatherings and events that promote education and awareness of issues in the LGBTQI community, and in doing so, functions as a safe and productive meeting space for any student in search of one. Reach Out members are actively pursuing many activities, including hosting panels with LGBTQI health care professionals and members of the LGBTQI community and providing education amongst ourselves as clinicians who strive for excellence in well-rounded patient care. Initiatives have included participation in a volunteer clinic at the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective and a region-wide assessment of LGBTQI topics in medical school curricula in collaboration with other Northeastern U.S. medical schools.

Reach Out maintains an anonymous mailing list where updates and LGBTQI events and news will be shared. Anyone may join by visiting the mailing list page. Reach Out also maintains a Facebook page that is open to all in the UConn Health community."

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Mark Greenstein,

Student Contact:

South Asian Medical Dental Association (SAMDA)

South Asian Medical Dental Association (SAMDA) provides a peer-support network to promote and support the academic and social environment of South Asian students and foster a sense of community. SAMDA provides community service with an emphasis, but not limited to, the South Asian population, where there is care lacking secondary to language and culture barriers. SAMDA also aims to create awareness and celebrate South Asian culture.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Aditya Tadinada
Dr. Ruchir Trivedi

Student Contacts:
Yumna Arif,
Anjali Dinesh,
Angela Quental,
John Power,

South Park Inn Dental Clinic

This program is accomplished in conjunction with the medical students. Dental students organize and provide oral health screenings and education for the men, women, and children that reside at the homeless shelter. Patients requiring emergent dental care are referred to School of Dental Medicine clinics. The program is conducted in fall through spring months. The program is coordinated by a third-year dental student.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Sarita Arteaga

Student Contact:
Lily Etemad,

South Park Inn Medical Clinic

The South Park Inn Medical Clinic is a student-managed medical clinic serving the homeless community of Hartford, Connecticut. The clinic was opened in October, 1987 by a group of medical students at the UConn School of Medicine. For the past 20 years, the clinic has served over 750 patients per year, providing primary care, counseling and information for the community of the South Park Inn Shelter, in Hartford's south end. The general medical clinic is open weekly and is staffed by hundreds of student volunteers and supervised by community physicians who donate their time. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, clinic volunteers see 10 to 15 shelter residents ranging in age from 1 to 80 years old, with medical problems, concerns about safety, and hygiene. The primary goal of the clinic is to provide much-needed medical attention to the residents of the South Park Inn, while providing an opportunity for medical students to become familiar with the special needs of a homeless population. The clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat minor medical and psychiatric problems and refer patients to area hospitals and support services when required. In addition to the general medical clinic, specialty clinics include a women’s clinic which meets the second Wednesday of each month, and a dermatology clinic which meets the first Thursday of each month. Also, at South Park Inn once a month there is education provided by medical students to the residents about a general health topic pertinent to that patient population and once a month there is education for the women to address issues such as contraception.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Bruce Gould

Student Contacts:
Kyle Kulas,
Kelly McKenna,
Angela Quental,
Kate Topalis,

South Park Inn Medical/Dental Clinic 5K Road Race

Since 1998 annual benefit road race held in September on the UConn Health campus. The South Park Road Race is the largest fundraiser for the UConn School of Medicine and Dental Medicine Outreach Clinics at the South Park Inn Homeless Shelter in Hartford. Contributions to the road race provide the funds for the medical equipment and medications necessary to run the clinics, which serve over 750 patients a year.

Race Coordinators for 2018:
Steven Cosgrove,
Abigail Healy,
Patrick Lau,
Ghali Lemtiri-Chileh,

Special Care Dentistry Interest Group (SCDIG)

The Special Care Dentistry Interest Group of the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine seeks to build capability, capacity, and commitment to serving patients who require special care using integrated skills. The group hosts events to further educate our students about patients with a wide range of disabilities and special needs. Throughout the year, we host a lecture series in a variety of fields, including special needs dentistry for people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, how to work with people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and how to work with patients who require special care but are not traditionally viewed as special needs patients. Another important distinction of the group is to focus on patients who require special care but who are not of pediatric age and thus are not necessarily seen by pediatric dentists. Community activities include participation in the Special Olympics Connecticut Healthy Athletes Special Smiles program to provide screening and preventive dental services to adults and children with special needs and a partnership with the CREC River Street Autism Program at Coltsville in Hartford to introduce children with disabilities to the dental environment at Kane Street Dental Clinic. Additionally, members will have the opportunity to shadow faculty with hospital privileges on operating room cases at UConn John Dempsey Hospital and/or Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. SCDIG also participates in the Autism Speaks Walk to promote awareness of autism and represent the dental profession in support of autism awareness.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Deborah A. Redford-Badwal
Dr. Steven M. Lepowsky

Student Contacts:
Co-Presidents: Matthew Sparks, and Basem Gayed,

Sports Clubs and Other Areas of Interest

Basketball, Intramural
Student Contact:
Austin DeChalus,
Running Club
Student Contact:
Kathryn Topalis,
Dance Club
Student Contacts:
Lisa Fredrickson,
Tiahna Spencer,
Squash Club
Student Contact:
Shiyuan (MJ) Mao,
Indoor Soccer Club
Student Contact:
Michael Martins,
Tennis Club
Student Contact:
Samuel Roh,
Rock Climbing Club
Student Contact:
Christina Yang,
Yoga Club
Student Contact:
Yingying Zhang,

Student National Dental Association-Hispanic Student Dental Association (SNDA-HSDA)

Promoting good fellowship and cooperation among its members and aiding in the advancement of minority students in dentistry. The Student National Dental Association and Hispanic Student Dental Association promotes oral health awareness among disadvantaged populations through service, mentorship, and camaraderie among its members and the community. These goals are achieved through local and global service events, publications and public service announcements, attendance at national conventions, and collaboration with other national dental groups.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Sarita Arteaga

Student Contacts:
Jeremy Figueroa,
Akosua Adzenyah,
Syed Saud,

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the nation's oldest and largest student organization focused on the needs and concerns of medical students of color. Membership includes more than 8,000 medical students, pre-medical students, residents and physicians. The SNMA boasts over 40 years of service and is committed to addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians. UConn's SNMA organizes Culture Shock annually, which is one of the biggest social events of the year. It is a celebration of the diverse and unique heritage of the University of Connecticut student body and is attended by many members of the UConn Health community. In addition to the wonderful festivities, all proceeds are donated to a selected charity. Our UConn chapter is also involved in mentorship, community outreach, and service. National website:

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Marja Hurley

Student Contact:
Zenon Kane,

Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry

The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry is a national, student-driven association that was established to promote and support students' lifelong commitment to ethical behavior in order to benefit the patients they serve and to further the dental profession. Our chapter at the UConn School of Dental Medicine meets several times during the year, usually during lunch. We discuss legal and ethical issues that face dentists and dental specialists, and invite guest speakers to share their experiences and professional opinions on issues.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Jacqueline Duncan

Student Contact:
Dominic Gambino,

Students for a National Health Program

Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) is the student arm of Physicians for a National Health Program. Our chapter at UConn is the first of its kind in Connecticut, and was borne out of an awareness that our nation's health care system is unsustainably and increasingly bloated, costly, and inefficient. We believe in establishing a national health insurance plan (commonly referred to as "Medicare For All"), as such a policy would not only lead to decreased costs from administrative consolidation and increased payer negotiating power, but would also ensure that all Americans can truly have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Our chapter's plans include lobbying at the local and regional level, organizing speaker events and policy debates, and other tactics that will help bring serious discussion of universal health care reform into the mainstream.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Zita Lazzarini

Student Contact:
Nick Arconti,

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group seeks to expose medical students to surgical specialties. This year, our events will include: specialty night, case presentations, simulation night, suturing and knot tying class, how to succeed during surgical rotations, jeopardy, scrub class, and advice on acceptance into surgical residencies.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Joy Liang

Student Contacts:
Bethany Sullivan,
Kelly Tomasevich,

UConn Against Gun Violence

UConn Against Gun Violence is committed to ending gun violence and building safer communities. In collaboration with other community organizations, this group provides a platform for students to discuss the current state of Connecticut and federal gun laws and brainstorm ways to advocate for change. Events include, but are not limited to: attending marches (such as the March for Our Lives), tabling to register students to vote, and presentations by local politicians.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Bruce Gould

Student Contacts:
Allie Clement,
Samantha Goldburg,

Ultrasound Interest Group

The Ultrasound Interest Group seeks to introduce medical students to the widespread use of ultrasound across many different specialties. We will have a variety of events throughout each year, including lectures on various topics (from hypotension management to musculoskeletal ultrasounds), hands-on practice sessions, and journal clubs to review the latest literature.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Meghan Herbst

Student Contact:
Jeffrey O’Brien,

Urology Interest Group

The Urology specialty interest group will help introduce medical students to Urology, providing exposure to a diverse medical and surgical field. The intention of the group is to enhance student academic interests, technical skills, and career planning. We will begin with general events for students of all levels to attend. Ideally we will support opportunities for shadowing, mentoring, and research. The group will also offer the chance to meet and interact with current residents.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Keith O’Brien

Student Contacts:
To be announced


UV&Me is a national non-profit organization founded in 2015 with the mission to educate the nation's youth to protect themselves from the dangers of skin cancer and UV exposure. The UConn chapter will send medical, dental, and health science students to nearby schools to teach students K-12 about sun safety. Each lesson will be interactive and tailored to the specific needs of the class with the goal of instilling life long sun safe practices. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in dermatology, oncology, pediatrics, or for anyone who loves mentoring kids.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Michael Payette,

Student Contact:
Patrick Lau,

Women in Dentistry

The goal of Women in Dentistry (WID) is to encourage young girls to seek careers in the STEM field, support those currently within the dental profession, aid those in need through volunteer work, and help educate the next generation of dental providers in issues pertaining to gender equality.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Effie Ioannidou

Student Contacts:
Sunnie Chizzonite,
Lora Manley,

Women in Surgery Interest Group (WISIG)

The Women in Surgery Interest Group at the UConn School of Medicine is a student run organization that aims to educate all medical students, but particularly women, about surgery as a career option. The group will expose participants to surgeons in different specialties to understand not only the surgical field but also the lifestyle of a surgeon, contrasting male and female perspectives. Additionally, the group aims to teach and foster the ability of medical students to network amongst peers and senior medical personnel. WISIG is committed to providing mentorship opportunities for students by creating partnerships with faculty. WISIG's goal is to support female medical students interested in the field of surgery by helping them get into a surgical residency and be competitive candidates through research opportunities and collaborative partnerships. Meetings for WISIG are open to anyone who is interested in surgery or might be interested in surgery. There are many opportunities for students who wish to become involved in the group.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Linda Barry

Student Contacts:
Lilah Fones,
Subin Lee,
Kelly McKenna,
Gwen Schultz,
Micaella Zubkov,