Postdoctoral Seminar Series 2017-2018


Center for Molecular Oncology Conference Room, EM029, 5 p.m.
Date Presenter Title
September 19 Postdoc Research Day
October 25 Martinna Bertolini
The Role of Chemotherapy-Induced Mucositis on Oral Candida Infection and Dissemination in a Novel Mouse Model
November 29  Lorry Grady Identification of small molecule inhibitors of the Herpes Simplex virus alkaline nuclease protein (UL12)
January 31 Charan Devarakonda  CD13 deficiency leads to reduced autophagy, increased oxidative stress and larger atherosclerotic lesions
February 28  Meagan Cauble Nano- and Microstructural Changes in Intervertebral Disc Extracellular Matrix in Health and Degeneration
arch 28 Nelson Mongeiro
April 25 Jennifer VanOudenhove
May 30 Abhi Rath

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