Postdoctoral Seminar Series 2016-2017

Center for Molecular Medicine Conference Room, EM029, 5 p.m.
Date Presenter Title
September 28 Charles Drinnan Treatment and Modelling of Neonatal Lung Disease Using Patient-Specific Stem Cells
October 26 Jenna Bartley
Aging augments the impact of influenza respiratory tract infection on mobility impairments, muscle-localized inflammation and muscle atrophy
November 16 Martinna Bertolini Streptococus oralis and Candidat albicans synergistically activate μ-Calpain to degrade E-cadherin from oral Epithelial junctions
January 25 Varad Vernekar Biomaterials based technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
February 22 Giulia Vigone Synergistic activities of multiple cyclic AMP phosphodiesterases prevent premature meiotic progression and ovulation in mouse ovarian follicles
March 29  Jignesh Parmar  A mathematical model of mouse iron metabolism
April 26  Bibbin Tom Paul  Sideroflexin4: A key player in cellular iron metabolism
May 31 Ashley Groshong Peptide uptake is essential for B. burgdorferi growth and involves a complex and precisely regulated oligopeptide transporter system
June 28

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