Postdoctoral Seminar Series 2015-2016

Center for Molecular Medicine Conference Room, EM029, 5 p.m.
Date Presenter Title
September 23 Maeva Langouet  Reaction of the PWS Locus via Disruption of the ZNF274 Silencing Complex
October 28 Vishwa Kuruthihalli  Luminal O-glycosylation Determines the Fate of Granule Membrane Enzyme After Endocytosis
November 18 Fani Memi  Shh and Wnt Signaling in the Human Fetal Brain Development
January 27 Lorry Grady  Investigating the HSV-1 Viral Recombinase Complex: One Sub-unit at a Time
February 24 Tasleem Samji  Identifying the Molecular Pathways that Lead to CD8 T Cell Memory Formation
March 30 Abhijit Rath  Modeling Lynch Syndrome Associated MSH2 Variants Using CRISPR-Cas9 Engineering in Human Stem Cells
April 27 Anna Konstorum  Mathematical Modeling of Synergy in T Cell Response to Dual Costimulation
May 25 Charan Devarakonda  Role of CD13 in Transplant Rejection
June 29 Erixia Du  FGF23 Neutralizing Antibody Ameliorates Hypophosphatemia and Impaired FGF Receptor Signaling in Kidneys of HMWFGF2 Transgenic Mice