Rederivation of Contaminated Mouse Lines



Background information:

Female donors will be superovulated to increase the yield of unfertilized oocytes and then set up in mating with males to generate fertilized embryos. We prefer to use wt B6 females around 4 weeks old and males between 2-6 months old as they respond well to superovulation. 1-cell embryos at 0.5 dpc will be harvested and cultured overnight to 2-cell stage.  They will then be surgically transplanted into a pseudo-pregnant recipient.

If the line is homozygous, please plan to have at least 4 females and 4 males so we can do the rederivation in one session, otherwise we will have to mate the mice and thus you will incur extra cage costs.

Information we need:

The number of females and males, age, genotype and their breeding performance. If you do not want to use, or do not have, females from your mouse line as donors, you can order wild type donor female mice from an approved vendor.

Request form

Please complete a service request form and send it to us. Request form could be obtained here: https://Rederivation Request Form.

What is next:

Once we obtain information regarding your mouse line(s) and a completed service request form, we will schedule a time for a rederivation.


We charge $549.87 internally per session (FY24).  Housing is charged by CCM at a per cage basis.    We do not offer this service for external users at this time.