Mouse Colony Management

The CMGM offers mouse colony management as a service to maintain your specific mouse line.  The CMGM facility is maintained at level zero containment.  All mice enter the facility have to come from an approved vendor or via rederivation. We use a purpose built FileMakerPro program to document all mouse lines housed inside our facility. You will have access to the status of your specific mouse line through the UCH intranet.

What will we do:

  • Meet with the investigator to discuss breeding strategy
  • Maintain breeding units as needed or requested by the investigator
  • Wean pups and set them up in new cages with new element cards and an e-mail will send to you automatically to notify you with the weaning
  • Harvest tail snips or ear notches for genotyping. The tissue samples and corresponding cage card can be picked up in the freezer outside our facility. Genotyping will be performed by the investigator or by us as a service.
  • Any mice that are observed to be sick or in distress will addressed by CMGM staff and you will be notified. Our staff is trained to look for anything unusual and we will notify you if we observe a visible phenotype in your line of mice.
  • Send mice to the investigator when they are requested. We will coordinate with CCM to move mice to your animal room in the tower.
  • Set up and check timed pregnancies upon request

What you will do:

  • Enter genotyping results into our database if you perform the genotyping
  • Monitor your mouse colony documented in our Filemaker database through UCH intranet.
  • Obtain weekly updates on the number of mice you have in our facility automatically through our database
  • Inform us with your requests (ie set up or retire breeding units; move mice out of the facility). Requests are to be emailed to

Standard Operating Procedures