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UConn Health Graduate School DEI Committee 2023-24

Committee Leadership


Dr. Leslie A. Caromile
Assistant Professor of Cell Biology,
Center for Vascular Biology


Vice Chair

Dr. Jenna Bartley
Assistant Professor of Immunology
Center on Aging


Dr. Jeffrey F. Hines
Associate Vice President
Chief Diversity Officer, UConn Health
Office of Health Affairs
Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Faculty and Research Staff Committee Members

Dr. Anne Delany
Dr. Debolina Ghosh
Dr. Barbara Kream
Dr. Vanessa Scanlon
Dr. Helen Swede
(Past Chair)

Postdoc Committee Members

Alsu Ramazanova

Graduate Student Committee Members

Taiwo J Ajibola
Public Health Ph.D. Program
Andreia Cadar
Biomedical Science Ph.D. Program
Brooke Dreyer

Biomedical Science Ph.D. Program
Patricia Hare
D.M.D./Ph.D. Program
Alexander Mitchell
M.D./Ph.D. Program
Britta Petersen
Biomedical Science Ph.D. Program
Elizabeth Szabo
M.D./Ph.D. Program
Khadija Wali
Biomedical Science Ph.D. Program

Staff Committee Members

Stephanie M. Rauch
UConn Health Graduate School Student Affairs Officer,
UConn Health Graduate School Webmaster
Lana Angelo
Biomedical Science Program Coordinator,
UConn Health Graduate School