Handheld Devices and Laptops

Laptop Requirement

As one of the curricular tools, a school-required laptop will be pre-ordered for each student and distributed during orientation. The requirement is in place to ensure that all students are using a standardized laptop that meets all of the software requirements for medical and dental school at the University of Connecticut. The laptops also come pre-loaded with curricular software chosen by the faculty.

Laptop Requirement by Year

Class of 2021 Class of 2020 Class of 2019 Class of 2018

Electronic Testing

UConn Health medical and dental school exams are administered using electronic testing software. The school required laptop has been tested using the electronic exam software and meets the specified requirements. This will ensure that all students have uniformity in testing environments and that no one is at an advantage or disadvantage due to the type of laptop that they are using during the exam.

Virtual Microscopy

The University of Connecticut School of Medicine uses virtual microscopy as part of the curriculum. Virtual microscopy allows all students to simultaneously view microscope images right on their laptop screens. The microscope images can be zoomed in and out of to offer for high levels of detail. The virtual microscope software also allows instructors and students to run digital slide conference.